Making a splash

Mt Pleasant Bowling Club president John O’Brien (centre) flanked by councillors Katy Mair and Margaret Sandford celebrates their great reprieve with club members and Melville Cares visitors. Photo by Steve Grant.

The Fremantle Leisure Centre has become one of the first aquatic centres in WA to be recognised with Gold Waterwise Status.

The Centre has been part of the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Aquatic Facility program since 2016.

To achieve gold status a facility must have water efficient fixtures and fittings, provide evidence it has no leaks and either maintain or improve its water efficiency performance compared with the previous year.

Manager John East said saving water had become a big focus for both staff and patrons at the leisure centre.

“Each year we set ourselves goals to reduce our water consumption, including things like reducing the amount of time we backwash filters for, using mops instead of hoses where possible and weekly water meter readings,” Mr East said.

“We’ve also installed data loggers on our water meters to provide immediate notification of any abnormalities so they can be investigated, and any leaks repaired quickly.

“Our lifeguards constantly walk through the changerooms to check that showers have been turned off properly, measure flow rates and encourage people to have a shorter shower.

“When we first reduced the water flow in our showers from 18 litres per minute to nine litres per minute it took a bit of getting used to, but our patrons have accepted it and we’ve seen water use per patron fall quite a lot.”

Earlier this year the City of Fremantle was also re-endorsed as a Gold Waterwise Council for 2020.

To achieve gold status local councils must not only meet strict criteria related to their own water consumption but also encourage schools and property developers to participate in Waterwise programs.

The city’s original Water Conservation Strategy, adopted in 2014, was so successful the city beat its water saving target by more than double. 

Fremantle council recently adopted a new Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan for 2020-2025, with a target to reduce corporate scheme water use by a further 10 per cent.

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