Sharing Aboriginal and psychological ways of connection

Shaun Nannup and Roslyn Snyder at Goolugatup Heathcote.

Aboriginal cultures around the world know that everything is connected, and has its own nature, place and purpose

By Jane Grljusich
Herald Promotions

Over 20 years, psychologist Roslyn Snyder and Aboriginal leader Shaun Nannup have built a social business to help individuals, families and workplaces to empower themselves, and in turn help to fi ght shocking Aboriginal disadvantage. 

Through WISDOM in Your Life, which is moving to Goolugatup Heathcote at Applecross, they are helping people of all cultures to gently connect with themselves and others, fi nd their truth, understand the importance of community, and embrace their spirit. 

Together they work to weave some Aboriginal magic by helping others to live, love and learn through art, story, music, dance and language, the laws of the land that indigenous people around the world have known for millenniums.

The social organisation, whose profi ts are directed towards eliminating Aboriginal disadvantage, recognises that in traditional Aboriginal communities, everything and everyone was connected, people lived in harmony and grew spiritually with others, knowing their nature, place, and purpose. 

Systems were in place to build integrity at diff erent ages through all parts of the community.

These days, we complicate life so much we forget how to live.  

Roslyn studied, science (physics, maths, chemistry and biology), humanities (linguistics, culture) and psychology, worked in medical and psychology research labs, and completed a thesis in psychophysiology using psychometrics. 

A scientist through-and-through, her life took a diff erent path after dreaming of a map to help people navigate the emotional landscape of life. 

She has used the map to help transform the lives of hundreds of people, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, including children in detention. 

Shaun’s purpose in life is Reconciliation and connecting people through stories. 

He understands what it is to struggle. 

As a teenager, sitting on country, he just got angrier and angrier, and he didn’t understand why. 

He couldn’t feel his connection to the earth, which impacted many aspects of his being. 

He was suff ering the stress of inter-generational trauma, the impact of years of racism. 

Nearly every Aboriginal person carries it. 

By combining his culture with the support of psychologist Roslyn, he has found peace, and together they work to help others. 

WISDOM in Your Life’s profi ts are directed towards eliminating Aboriginal disadvantage. Every full-priced course delivered, allows them to deliver a course to an Aboriginal person free-of-charge. 

Their venture has recently been named Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company at the ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards.

WISDOM in Your Life provides simple, visual, inclusive and integrated teachings to heal the mind, enhance culture, or smooth the interface between two or more cultures; workplace, family, community or specialised Courses Available (full dates available at


Aboriginal Storytelling – 21 February, or 21 March, or 18 April
(one-and-a-half hours from 5.30pm to 7pm) 

Place, Nature, Purpose – 3, 17 and 31 March (3-day course)


Stage 1 – The Map – 16 and 17 February, 16 and 17 March, 20 and 21 April  (2-day course)

Stage 2 – Your Compass – 2 and 3 March, 6 and 7 April (2-day course) Stage 3 – Energy Patterns – 9 and 10 March, 13 and 14 April (2-day course) 


Online – anytime

Goolugatup Heathcote
(Heathcote Cultural Precinct),
Phone 9499 4053

• 2020 Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company – ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards
• 2012 Finalist – John da Silva Award for Improved Outcomes in Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing
• 2009 Winner – Suicide Prevention Australia LIFE award – Healthy Communities
• 2005 Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership Award

WISDOM in Your Life’s profi ts are directed towards eliminating Aboriginal disadvantage. Every full-priced course delivered, allows us to deliver a course to an Aboriginal person free-of-charge. 

Promote your business. Contact Jane on 0417 814 128, or email

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