Council questioned

AROUND 30 residents from Coogee Beach Caravan Park attended Cockburn council’s meeting on Thursday evening to voice concerns about their future.

Several who stood to ask questions claimed their current periodic tenancies contain clauses which would force park manager Discovery Parks to cover the costs of relocation, however the company had denied any liability.

Residents committee member Sally Newsome and Jillian Spruyt asked whether the council would support Discovery’s new lease without that protection, but planning director Daniel Arndt shot that down saying the city was not party to any leases between residents and DP.

Ms Newsome said a letter from Discovery CEO Grant Wilckins last Thursday clearly stated residents would get 

“formal notice” around 2022, which she said appeared to contradict an earlier statement from the council noting there was no indication of any leases being terminated.

“Should the council be concerned that Discovery Parks is acting outside the council’s understanding of events?” Ms Newsome asked.

But the council’s statement also notes that “any sub-leases may not be longer than the current head-lease” meaning a new lease would see the end of the existing sub-leases rather than any terminations. 

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