The ‘Local Guy’ has it all for you

Joel Nibali.

All you need for your pets and garden, plus fresh gourmet goodies 

By Jane Grljusich
Herald Promotions

Joel Nibali and his team at Nibali Stockfeed pride themselves on serving each customer with a smile, lending a helping hand, their local knowledge, and supporting local people and pets.

Joel’s father has run one of the oldest stockfeed businesses in Anketell for more than 30 years, and after building an iconic business himself at the former Greenslades building on Rockingham Road, Joel is now helping his Dad ease into retirement by taking over its day-to-day running. 

Originally built in 1926, the heritage-listed limestone building that houses Nibali Stockfeed, was one of the fi rst stockfeed merchants south of the river. 

Owned and operated by Mr John Greenslade, it became the local stop for anyone who needed food for their animals and pets.

In the 1900s it was common for families to have horses, sheep, chickens and other birds, and pigs as well as pets.

Horses pulled their carts and ploughs, chooks provided eggs for the table, and we all know what would have become of the sheep and pigs. 

From the 1940s right through to the 1980s, my Dida (grandfather) Mate Grljusich would stop at the store, at fi rst under horse and cart, then at the wheel of his infamous International truck, and later in his Dodge ute, for his animal feed and fertilisers on his way back from Fremantle to the market garden in Spearwood. 

Nibali Stockfeed is a place rich with local history. 

Fast-forward 95 years, and customers rarely turn up on horseback these days (although it does happen), and the most popular item certainly isn’t horse feed.

Nibali Stockfeed often has a great range of fruit and veggies and other local produce at hand, with locals bringing in eggs, garlic, lemons and limes to sell, and even big old local Scobys for Kombucha. 

They even sell fresh bread from Freo’s famous Bread In Common, and boutique lines of local and organic products, and often they get hold of organic seedlings and seed vegetables from and for local gardens. 

Nibali Stockfeed also off er a great array of plants, garden supplies and ornaments, gifts, and things to use around the house and garden, otherwise specialising in dog kennels, dog beds and cat scratching posts, chook feed, bird seed, horse feed, dog food, cat food, fi sh food, frozen reptile food, rabbit food, fertiliser, manure, NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium), pea hay, oaten hay (Bunny Hay), straw and vege seedlings.

They also do worm farms, compost bins and tumblers, and specialise being fair-dinkum local people and helping others in their community. 

Last year, Nibali Stockfeed donated soil and seedlings for the fi rst Kitchen Garden at St Patrick’s Primary School in Fremantle. 

The garden was planted and Joel held workshops to help to teach children about where their food comes from. 

They want to off er the opportunity to other schools and enlighten as many kids in our community as they can. 

For more than 20 years the Nibali family has been making its own bird seed, poultry feed and rabbit and Guinea pig mixes. 

While it’s not always easy fi nding seed in times of drought, making their own mixes has meant they are able to maintain quality in their stockfeed. 

The Nibali business logo is a yellow budgerigar, the late Cornbird (RIP), who loved corn on the cob.

She was a gift from a family friend and it was’t long before she was a family member: “Making her way from living in the slums of the laundry to prime location in the lounge room.”

“She was sheltered from the elements by having a heater in winter and her own personal fan in summer.”

The opening of Nibali was dedicated to Corny, who died just beforehand.

The store is inviting customers to share their own favourite pet stories online, with gift vouchers for the most touching, or funny.

Wander in and you’ll fi nd the usual pet supplies, including a wide range of dried food and fresh meat, and a few more unusual items including (seasonally) lemons and limes, and locally grown custard apples, which customers bring in: “We do old fashioned service with old fashion bartering,” Mr Nibali says.

The old fashioned service extends to carrying customers purchases to the car, no matter how small.

While Joel is helping his father run Anketell Stockfeed, you’ll fi nd Michael and Sara at Nibali Stockfeed happily ready to supply all of your pet, garden and grocery needs, and, as always, Joel is just a phone call away.

Nibali Stockfeed

77 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill
9433 2211
Open 0800 – 1730 Mon – Sat

Anketell Stock Feed Supplies

779 Thomas Road, Anketell
Phone 9419 5771
Open 0730-1730 Mon – Sat
For more information find them on Facebook

Promote your business. Contact Jane on 0417 814 128, or email

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