LETTERS 13.6.21

Filmstarry-eyed rush on Quay

IT is highly disrespectful of the Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk to dismiss those of us who are against film studios at Victoria Quay as anti development people who don’t want any change on our historic quay. 

Nothing could be further from the truth! 

I have worked for decades to get good quality and appropriate development in Fremantle and sat through hours and hours of community consultation about eight years ago at Fremantle Ports to see how we could best develop Victoria Quay.

Why make these ad hoc, piecemeal decisions without a masterplan for Victoria Quay that also include better connectivity to Arthur’s Head? 

What is the mad filmstarry-eyed rush to hand over a substantial part of the tourist and heritage precinct to private developers, so that they can build German bunker style, windowless, concrete monstrosities that will stop the sightlines to the port from Market and Queen street?

I have suggested an Aboriginal Cultural centre, a migrant museum and a convention centre on Victoria Quay but no one at the State Government has taken notice of it, not even our own Member for Fremantle!

Simone McGurk’s comments in the Fremantle Herald shows that the Labor government appears to think we should just be happy they give us anything at all in Fremantle, so we are getting a new police station we want in a location we don’t want it, film studios we want in a location we don’t want them to be, and we will most likely also get a new traffic bridge we want in a location we don’t want it. 

There is a total lack of respect for the Fremantle community from the Mark McGowan government. That arrogance needs to stop!

Roel Loopers
Arundel St, Fremantle

A worrying tern of events

I SEE that the City of Cockburn implemented a dog ban in a certain area to protect nesting shorebirds such as fairy terns. 

So where have the fairy terns at Rous Head gone?

Over the years l have witnessed the regular delightful displays the flocks of fairy terns reveal around their so called protected breeding grounds at Rous Head.

Then around 2.5 years ago at 5. 30am on a summers morning, during my morning ritual, I first heard and then discovered the winding down of a rave not more than 50 meters from the nesting grounds.

To paint a picture, there were people draped on top and all over the two open containers provided for shelters – incidentally this was were the DJ in his ignorance had set up.

The beach in turn was littered with some of the remainders. 

The music reverberating off the containers across the road was so loud, l could feel the ground vibrating.

Since that night no sign of the fairy terns.

We could blame dogs and ignore the truth again.

What a difference a night makes?

Gray Gillam
Ed says: Thanks Gray, we have covered the terns’ relocation to Point Walter previously, but the proximity of the beach to the bird sanctuary is still something Freo council and event organisers should think about when ‘activating’ the area. https://heraldonlinejournal.com/2020/01/31/fairies-fly-the-coop/

Time to spend a penny or two … or three

THE disgusting state of our public environment is not only a blight on this city which is supposedly a tourist attraction but a serious health matter. 

Lack of public conveniences means that city streets are used instead. 

This is not only a problem for those who live on the streets but for other community members. 

Is Fremantle just for those who don’t pee or defecate? 

As a regular walker around town the increasing human defecation means constant vigilance.

This is not only a health problem but surely a human rights problem. 

Civilizations from eons back have always provided public conveniences. 

Surely in the post modern world we can manage that. 

Fay Kennedy
High St, Fremantle

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