We are whole, mind, body and soul

• Mandi and Jessie, mother and daughter, bring a lot of love to Happy Mind Body and Soul.

Reiki, positivity, pottery (and wine) – what’s not to be Happy about? 

None of us would disagree that having a Happy Mind Body and Soul is integral to having a happy life, and, that sometimes, we all need a little bit (or a lot) of help to achieve it all.  

Well, help is right here.

Reiki practitioner and keen potter Mandi Kelly has moved into the iconic 120-year-old shop front and home where Freo’s famous Mokoh made its way, and she’s made it all her very own. 

Her specialty is Reiki healing therapy – a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800s and involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to increase the flow of Chi through the body resulting in new vitality and energy.

“Reiki healing therapy channels energy into the chakras needed for healing, love, optimism, calmness, and grounding and remove any negative or stress energy from the body and aura,” Mandi told the Herald. 

“I will provide a friendly, welcoming space and safe environment for my clients to enjoy alternative therapies. The Reiki room is spacious, comfortable with recliners and a therapy bed. I have installed an acoustic wall to make sure it is a quiet, relaxing and enjoyable experience for my clients.”

Mandi moved to South Fremantle with her daughter Jessie Whitehouse in 2014 so she could attend John Curtin’s College of the Arts under its coveted talented and gifted program. 

“It felt like I had come home and I loved the friendly vibe,” Mandi said. 

“I soon became involved in the community and started volunteering for St Pats, working in the op shop, organising the warehouse and helping to provide free clothes to the homeless in the day centre every Thursday. Later this year I will also be providing Reiki at the St Pats Day Centre as a free service.”

Art by local South Freo artist Antony Rieck (a Maori man (Ngati whakaue) who has strong connection to land and indigenous spirituality) adorns the walls at Happy Mind Body and Soul.

Having worked for many years in the corporate world, Mandi became disenchanted and unfulfilled, and embarked on her new career path. 

“I have always had an interest in alternative therapies and for many years practiced crystal and angel healing, so I felt very comfortable making this transition,”
she said. 

“Helping others has always been important to me and I would really like to become known and recognised as a healer who really cares about her clients. Now I have moved into this beautiful Happy Mind Body and Soul space for my practise, I am excited about providing holistic alternatives to medicine; it’s about having choices and I want to be able to provide those choices to Fremantle locals and the wider community.”

Mandi is also very excited about the new Pottery Studio at the space, a joint venture with her daughter Jessie and features Sardinian potter Francesca Geromino. 

“Initially we’re running classes on Thursdays and Saturdays, but we will soon extend to pottery wheel classes as well as workshops during the week,” Mandi said.  

“The pottery studio offers our potters a bright, positive creative space where they can drift off into a few hours of mindfulness bliss and have fun at the same time.”

Pottery Classes

April 17, May 1, May 15, May 29, June 12
Nature Inspired Stoneware
10am to 12.30am $95
Nature will be your inspiration in this group workshop. Collect your own leaves and flowers which you will use to create beautiful imprints on your stoneware creations. Enjoy a creative morning in the studio making one or two handmade pottery pieces. You can use your imagination and choose what you would like to make… a plate, a cup or bowl, the choice is yours. I will bisque fire it and apply an iron oxide wash to highlight intricate imprint details, ready for the second firing. Your pottery will be ready to collect in two weeks.

April 1, April 22, April 29, May 20, May 27
Pottery and Wine
7pm to 9.00pm $150 (2 x fortnightly sessions)
Enjoy a creative evening in the studio making your handmade platter and dip bowl while sipping on a complimentary wine. In your first workshop you will be creating your masterpieces using slabs and/or coils, which will then be
bisque fired. On your return to the studio two weeks later, we will explore a variety of glazing techniques ready for your second firing. Your pottery will be ready to collect the following week.
No experience necessary, just come along to unwind and have fun!
Wear comfortable old clothes and get ready to get down and dirty!
• Wheelchair Access • Max 7 in a class • All firing, glazes and clay supplied
• Comfortable air-conditioned/heated studio

Reiki Healing therapy Fr $75

Energy healing has been used for centuries in various forms and now there are millions of people practising and benefiting from Reiki world-wide. If you wish, I can also use crystals during the Reiki session which helps to dissolve blocked energy that often causes symptoms of pain.

• Increase the flow of Chi through the body to resulting in new vitality and energy 

• Channel energy into the chakras needed for healing (love, optimism, calmness and grounding) 

• Remove any negative or stress energy from the body and aura 

• Remove negative attachments to past relationships 

• Relaxation and wellbeing; helps to establish sound sleeping patterns 

• Distance healing for yourself or loved ones 

• General therapeutic healing

Win free pottery classes and Reiki

Email Mandi and tell her why you would like to experience a Happy Mind Body and Soul.

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