Letters 27.3.21

Put this in the pipeline

WHY not CY O’Connor Place?

The most appropriate name for this new development (King’s Square) is surely CY O’Connor Place.

To name a significant place in Fremantle after one of our great heroes seems to be very appropriate.

Fremantle, as a port, would have withered and died had Charles Yelverton O’Connor not found a way to remove the bar at the current port entrance and open it up to become the vibrant port it is today …. and the raison d’etre for the City of Fremantle.

I urge Hannah Fitzhardinge and her cohorts to consider seriously this proposition.

Jono Farmer
Sewell St, East Fremantle

It’s clear to me

FROM your front page article I see the following: “non-indigenous folk have been all but ruled out” (“Midgegooroo makes it to square round 2,” Herald, March 20, 2021).

For ‘folk’ presumably read ‘names’.

“First stages of consultation … threw up 128 potential new names.”

“Retaining its original name … favoured in 66 submissions.”

So let me get this right; 51.6 per cent of people want the name Kings Square to be retained. 

The remaining 48.4 per cent were split over other various options.

Thus a very clear majority, very clear indeed, are being deliberately overruled in the “consultation” over this very important aspect of running our town.

We pay the rates around here so why are our clear requirements being ignored?

Let me think now, how far off is the next council election?

W.T. (Bill) Ody 
South Fremantle

About that other science

DEAR [WA environment minister Amber-Jade] Sanderson,

Congratulations on your appointment and Labor’s election success.

I also would like to congratulate Labor for following science in keeping Covid out of WA. 

What I don’t understand is why Labor doesn’t respect science when it comes to climate change. Climate change is real, accelerating faster than anticipated and in a very short time will be irreversible.

Not acting decisively will cause a catastrophe.  

Taking significant action creates jobs and gives people hope. 

The dominant Murdoch media and populist-primitive West Australian have managed to misinform the public.

Governments of all persuasions haven’t tackled a proper solution for decades. Now this is an emergency.

WA is in the best position to start acting decisively now as we have a big surplus (iron ore and hot housing market) and the best natural conditions with plenty of sunshine and wind and storage becoming affordable. 

Naturally, burning fossil fuel cannot be free anymore and needs to stop quickly.

Labor’s Covid stimulus lacked any significant action on climate. 

You are in charge. Please have the courage to act now. 

Please respect the science and tell the truth about our climate, educate the people and give them hope.  

You will secure another Labor victory as young people increasingly are aware of climate lies and the severity of the real situation. Not acting is unconscionable, morally wrong and even criminal as it neglects protecting the people in WA and all over the world.

I am a grandfather, I have 18 solar panels (since 2007!) on my roof with an overproduction and I commute by bicycle. But we all have to work together in this. 

Please consider doing the right thing. Future generations will be grateful.

Hans Hug
Solomon St, Fremantle

Who are you fighting for?

INTERESTING to read that four Melville councillors stood for Parliament and none got in!

Instead  a mother of five boys, little known as a fighter for broad Melville community issues – but endorsed by the Labor government – did get in.

The previous mayor and his supporting councillors were defeated at the last election for promoting the Wave Park.

To make way for this commercial project meant relocating two iconic community institutions – Melville and Mt Pleasant Bowls and Recreation Clubs.

Spending a huge amount of finance redeveloping Tompkins Park to make way for commercialism.

We should keep politics out of local governmen, as much as possible.

Local government in many cases seems to be used as a stepping stone into politics.

We need candidates who have a genuine desire to improve our community lifestyle.

Karl Kelers
Clydesdale St, Alfred Cove

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