Life-saving art

One of the stunning glass sculptures on display this weekend at Moores Gallery.

Local artist Karen Grimstead is displaying 41 abstract paintings and 12 large contemporary glass sculptures with a percentage of all sales going to the Kai Eardley Foundation. 

The foundation was established by East Fremantle’s Claire Eardley after her 20-year-old son Kai, tragically committed suicide in 2016.

“This remarkable family-run charity supports a peer-based program for young men, to help them navigate adolescence, erase macho stereotypes, and reduce the stigma around suicide,” Grimstead says.

“This is achieved through collaboration with the Melbourne-based Tomorrow Man program with a mission to create training grounds where men of all ages can gather to build emotional muscle and talk with gravity. 

“By making this workshop available to more young West Australian men, we hopeto start making positive changes for thefuture generations of our men. This is young Kai-fella’s legacy.”

Grimstead started off painting landscapes and seascapes with oils and acrylics, before developing a more impressionist and abstract style.

“Over more than two decades it ignited my yearning to integrate compositional originality, to the emotional response to what I am seeing, remembering, and in particular to what I am imagining,” she says. 

“This connects me to the art I produce which is inspired by the fluidity of life, and geographical experiences which add layers of complexity in my work. 

“It is often represented by my use of compositional division signifying Northern and Southern Hemispheres; bold contrasts; dynamic brushwork; raw, expressive markings and the juxtaposition of curved and angular shapes representing the twists and turns in life.”

Connection is at the Moores Art Gallery on Henry Street in Fremantle.  

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