Push the worries to the back of the pack

WORRIED about the future for your kids? Bothered by climate change, bushfires, floods and cyclones – or Covid?

They were issues that certainly came up on Sabena Lund and Jen de Vries’ stress radar, but with skills in education, psychology, facilitation and capacity building, they decided to do something about it.

They’ve developed a series of four workshops called Build Resilience and Hope which will be running in Yangebup this May. The workshops are running each Monday from 9.15-11.45am at the Yangebup Family Centre, which is supporting them along with the City of Cockburn.

In this week’s THINKING ALLOWED, Sabena and Jen talk about the things that made them worry, and how they were able to turn that into something positive.

Contact Sabena on 0427 324 766 or sabena.lund@gmail.com for more information or register at https://www.trybooking.com/BPPCD. Registrations close on April 26

Jen’s story

I’m concerned about how we fail to join the dots, for example between extreme weather events, or turn away from the reality of the environmental difficulties we face.

I believe we have to face our reality in order to work for change. 

The brilliant thing about the course we’re offering is you don’t need to do any of this alone. 

It’s such a relief when you can connect and talk honestly with people who share your concerns. 

It’s really helped me.

Sabena and I have many years of experience as group facilitators, and in leading training.  

Sabena trained as a counselling psychologist and loves working with people in groups.

I’m a consultant with expertise in helping individuals and organisations build their capacity.  

Our workshops are based on the Active Hope framework created by Joanna Macy (https://www. joannamacy.net/).  

You’ll learn skills and tools to help you: Transform difficult feelings into positive, collaborative action

Build your care for yourself, your family and community”

Sabena’s story

I have two beautiful teenage nieces and I want them to have a living planet, and a future for their own children. 

I love seeing the Carnaby’s cockatoos flying around Hami Hill, and I was upset to learn that unless things change, they won’t be here for our grandchildren to enjoy.

While delving into this a couple of years ago, I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t alone in feeling depressed about the climate. 

I learned that there were even terms for this – eco-anxiety and eco-grief. 

I went to a great program, based on the work of Joanna Macy, that helped me transform my grief and anxiety into positive, collaborative action. 

Now I get to share that program with others. 

I still have times when I feel overwhelmed and despairing – I’m not saying this is a miracle cure.  

But the skills and tools in the program help me live a more meaningful life, and to connect with others to take powerful action. 

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