CAT rescue rate?

FREMANTLE council is considering a special rate for people living near its CAT bus routes to bring the Blue service back to full operation.

Acting mayor Andrew Sullivan said while it’s just one option being investigated by officers, it could add between $50 and $100 to the rates of people living within 400 metres of the CAT route.

The council voted to continue operating the Blue service at a reduced level for the next year at its March meeting, but is also investigating other funding models.

“Compared to other CAT services in Perth, the City of Fremantle contributes a greater proportion of the operating costs and one of the difficulties we have in determining the fairest funding model for the who actually uses it,” Cr Sullivan said.

City ward councillor Adin Lang says there’s an obvious potential funding source: “We need a contribution from Notre Dame,” he told the Herald.

He said it would mirror the CAT service in Joondalup, which is funded by the local council, Edith Cowan uni and the Perth Transport Authority.

A spokesperson from Notre Dame said while there had been a “discussion” recently with the council about the CAT bus, they hadn’t yet formed a view and didn’t want to be involved in a public debate with the city over the issue.

Cr Sullivan has also flagged paid parking along Marine Terrace to see uni students indirectly contribute to what is essentially a “free shuttle bus service”.

He said it would raise roughly $100,000 a year and could see the bus’s 10-minute service reintroduced.

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