LETTERS 8.5.21

Power to ‘em

FOR over 60 years, the Coogee Caravan Park has been what it is; now developers want to turn the site into a Gold Coast-type resort.

What can’t these developers get their act together and get approval to build on the old power station site, instead of kicking residents out of what has been their home for many years.

Frank Cherry
Elderberry Dve, South Lake

Ferry glary

I WAS invited the other morning to join friends for a riverside breakfast at The Kiosk near the traffic bridge, across the road from the East Fremantle ferry terminal.

As we were seated one could not ignore the new building in the terminal. An architectural masterpiece!

The councillor that approved the design must surely have studied in Barcelona to get such a harmonious blend of tin and more tin. 

I was fondly reminded of a hay barn in Cunderdin.

The solid 80-metre wall of corrugated iron topped off with a roof of another 80 metres of tin blocks off any of the million-dollar views of the river that were previously enjoyed by those attending the restaurant. 

There must have been many agonising sittings by the council to approve of this new iconic riverside structure.

I asked the kiosk manager for their take, and they informed me that as the sun rises there is a blinding reflection off the corrugated iron and another eye-watering display off the roof in the afternoon. 

The metal wall now facing the restaurant presents a perfect canvas for the spray can tag team. 

But I’m sure the council took all these issues into consideration while approving this monstrosity – or were they also blinded? 

Well done.

JJ Paterson
White Gum Valley

Spun it square

COUNCIL, by asking people to join a working group to help the King’s Square Plan succeed, must be admitting failure.

Ratepayers have  been subjected to several years of public relations, pumped out by both Sirona and Fremantle council. The campaign  centred around how and why, according to their experience, the King’s Square Plan would work.

Covid-19 cannot be blamed for any aspect of this failure. Sirona, who have apparently been paid an additional $160,000 management fee, said in their published plan that council would move into the new building in December 2019, well before ‘Rona took hold. 

The only reason for the failure must be crass management combined with a lack of experience. 

Roger Garwood
Attfield St, Fremantle

And me?

OH joy – Scott Morrison and Greg Hunt  boast about how many Australians have been vaccinated.

Our premier and health minister boast they have had their vaccinations – meanwhile I am 82 and haven’t been asked if I want one.

Pat Wallace-Bell
Ethelwyn St, Hilton

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