Rotary steps up

Foodworks East Fremantle owner Lis Ward and Rotary’s Freo president Stuart Clark gear up for this year’s Give a Damn Give a Can campaign. Photo supplied

THE Rotary Club of Fremantle is helping deal with increasing homelessness and poverty caused by the Covid pandemic by launching its latest food drive.

The club’s last Give a Damn Give a Can initiative raised $7000 worth of food for hungry families, and with the Australian Council of Social Services warning that more Aussies are facing hardship than ever as a result of Covid, they’re hoping to top that amount this year.

Baskets have been delivered to the major supermarkets throughout the Freo area, including Woolies, Coles, IGA and Foodworks, with the cans collected by volunteers in early June, with Rotary hoping they’ll be chockers with canned soup, spaghetti, creamed corn and baked beans. 


The WA Council of Social Services CEO Louise Giolitto said the Morrison government’s cuts to Jobseeker and Jobkeeper payments showed its “thinking appears to be driven by ideological and mythical notions that income sufficient to stop people starving discourages them from seeking work, despite the evidence conclusively disproving that. 

“To be clear this is the Federal government purposefully and deliberately choosing for people in our community to live in poverty.” 


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