Double crisis

A family in Timor-Leste try to make their house liveable again after the devastating floods.

NORTH Fremantle’s Anna Cranney is raising funds for victims of the catastrophic floods in Timor-Leste.

The recent floods are some of the worst the country has ever seen with at least 45 people dead and thousands at risk of starvation, malnutrition and disease.

More than 45,000 dwellings have been destroyed and about 10,000 people are living in 30 camps without proper sanitation.

Ms Cranney is a volunteer with Perth charity Timor-Leste Vision, which delivers critical items like food, water and baby products to the most vulnerable on the Southeast Asian island.

The charity has a sister organisation in Timor-Leste’s capital Dili, whre Ms Cranney previously lived and worked, acquiring an integral knowledge of the country, people and culture.

“Timorese people are strong and proud, and they have a long history of standing in solidarity with Australia,” Ms Cranney says. 

“There is now a need to support our Timorese neighbours who are experiencing extreme disadvantage at present. 

“A small amount of money can go a long way in Dili and in the districts; please consider donating to support our work there”.

The deadly floods arrived in the wake of Timor-Leste’s first covid outbreak, sparking political in-fighting about how it should be managed, compounding the disaster.

To donate go to Timor-Leste Vision’s crowdfunding page

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