LETTERS 15.5.21

That’s the shot

PAT of Hilton has told us last week that no one has contacted her about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Well you are going to be waiting a long time Pat if you take that attitude because everyone else is, as normal, contacting their GP or a vaccination centre and making a booking.

I had mine weeks ago. Couldn’t have been easier. You are an adult and you normally make your own doctors appointments so why should this be any different? 

No one has advised you to wait to be contacted. Go for it.

Val Cousins 
Forrest St, Fremantle

Think again

LAST week Murdoch University announced its new(?) advertising campaign, purportedly building on its preceding slogan: “free the thunk” oops ‘think’. 

The new slogan? You got it “free the think”! It was dreadful originally and more so now. 

The expression does not easily translate into “free thinking”. So what is new about this campaign image wise?

Heralding its upcoming 50th anniversary [in 2025] they argue heritage needs to be superseded to “adapt in everything [they] do”. 

To that end they have deleted the stylised banksia flower for a stylised melded MU symbol. 

The banksia flower has its relevance in terms of both location [it’s woodlands] and history. 

When Sir Walter Murdoch was told they were to name a university after him he famously stated “it had better be a good one”. 

In its first 25 years it was a good one. 

Its first staff were truly free thinkers and encouraged interdisciplinarity in staff and students.

This past two decades has seen a significant shift away from that free thinking. A narrow focussed discipline does not produce a degree readying graduates for their future. 

The new logo generates a lack of imagination and clarity – its melded design can as readily interpreted as IvU or MJ, rather than MU. 

Come on Murdoch look at your early history and “be a good one” encouraging interdisciplinary and free thinking.

Jim Meckelburg 
Davies St, Beaconsfield


THE concept of private operators being able to impose fines is a hot topic.

The latest example which should be brought to account is at the junction of Canning Highway and Westbury Crescent (at Pool Shop) which has recently had the line markings renewed and there is now a contradiction in instructions – the sign says 20 mins but the roadmarking says 30 mins.

This could confuse any parker and seems to arise from carelessness.

I have contacted Melville City but they have no remit over the matter.

I know it is not serious but if an operator cannot get a minor detail correct how can they deal with big issues?

AA Scott

Lacking buzz

I OBSERVED when I visited Elizabeth Quay last weekend that the already established historical Barracks Street side was quite busy and the new development of Elizabeth Quay was virtually empty of visitors, with the notable exception of the reassembled Florence Hummerston building known as The Island. 

There is a a similar pattern with Raine and Yagan Squares. It’s such a shame that these sterile urban redevelopments which are only popular on the developers’ drawing board, are all the rage right now. 

I already see the new King’s Square in Fremantle sharing the same fate.

Lets hope the developer buzz words such as “density” , “vibrancy “ and “activation” don’t come near Fremantle!

Leo Mchugh
York St, Beaconsfield

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