Pick-ups dumped?

FREMANTLE residents are being asked to consider if they really need their annual bulk waste verge collection.

Fremantle councillor Doug Thompson said a current reivew would aim to reduce the amount that ended up in landfill, with a 70 per cent “recovery rate” by 2030, with a number of options in the mix.

“With the introduction of FOGO bins and the Fremantle Recycling Centre providing new ways to dispose of unwanted items, the council thought it would be timely to review verge collections,” Cr Thompson said.

An on-demand “verge valet” is on the cards, where residents pre-book a verge collection with the council, or it could provide a skip bin or two to each ratepayer.

A recent workshop attracted 22 participants plus five online viewers who were evenly split on keeping verge collections, but pretty unanimous in the value of the session.

In a quick straw poll of residents, the Chook found younger people were all for the verge collection. 

“Please tell me they’re not not getting rid of it,” said worried young Palmyra barista Lucy Franklin. “I need it.” 

Fremantle’s Lucy Stewart agreed: “I rely on it completely, all of my furniture is from verge collecting, I have never bought furniture and I never want to have to.”

However an old bloke didn’t break stride to offer his opinion: “The streets don’t need to be any messier now, do they?” 


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