Letters 29.5.21

Lift ya game

AS a concerned citizen and former member of the Fremantle Football Club I’m dismayed that while Freo claims to be a club for the people on one hand, with the other it takes money from a fossil fuel company that won’t commit to the Paris Climate Agreement and hence net zero carbon by 2050.

To be a club truly concerned for their community and their players they need to distance themselves from an organisation that plans to massively expand its carbon footprint by developing the ‘mega’ Scarborough Gas Project in a sensitive marine environment along the Pilbara coast.

The yearly production of the project will create 40 million tonnes of CO2, 10 times that of our largest coal fired power station AND with Mark McGowan’s blessing!

Come on Freo, show us where your loyalty lies.

Brad Black 


FREMANTLE council has renamed King’s Square with an Aboriginal name – Walyup Koort – meaning “heart of Fremantle”, a patronising name given that King’s Square has no historical significance for Aboriginal people.

The move is yet another disgraceful attack on the history and heritage of Fremantle by a council that has destroyed the only town square in Western Australian with a large new unattractive administration centre, whose gates are now locked because Pindan, the builder chosen by council has gone broke. What an irony.

The Herald has not provided balance with its front page story last week conflating a small group in Stirling wanting a name change there, with the issue in Fremantle. 

What the Herald did not say is that Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Mervyn Eades told Stirling council that Stirling was “no different to Hitler.” 

That asinine example of Godwin’s law (the longer a discussion goes the more likely it is someone gets compared to Hitler) cannot be compared to the expert commentary in Fremantle from groups like the Fremantle History Society, Fremantle Society, and historians -who have all been ignored.

The most intelligent person probably ever to have lived in Fremantle, Prof George Seddon (ironically badly bashed in King’s Square), made a fundamentally sensible comment when he wrote: “The street patterns, the street names and the public open spaces are the most enduring record of early Fremantle. They need to be conserved.”

John Dowson President
The Fremantle Society

Stirling idea

IT is disappointing to see the plans for the replacement of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge have been released for comment from the public, and no mention of an alternative; demolish the bridge, do not replace it, and redevelop the Stirling Bridge. 

This seems to me to bring many advantages, including the ability for North Fremantle residents to develop their suburb without through traffic, which probably will increase with any of the proposed plans and be more of a problem than it is today.

Increasing the capacity of the Narrows Bridge has demonstrated that this could also be done for the Stirling Bridge, and redevelopment of the southern end with flyovers/ flyunders to meet the changed traffic needs be planned.

It is not too late. 

Only plans have been made to date. 

A change in thinking and direction is needed, and possible.

Glen Fruin 
Ex North Freo

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