Thank you!

 • Fremantle Visitor Centre’s volunteer roving ambassadors Ian Pounder, Aurelio Martelli, Marlene Oostryk, Nella McCann, Janice Pounder, Lizzie Watkins, Doug Searcy and Darryl Limbrick (right), and a senior at a “Thank You” high tea (left).

SENIORS featured heavilyin the National Volunteercelebrations held across Fremantle and Greater Perth last week.

It’s no secret that retirees and the over 55s make up a large part of the volunteer army that help run countless services in WA including tourist attractions, community food deliveries and libraries.

So when covid struck last year,councils quickly became aware of how important they were to delivering local services.

With the vaccine roll-out now beginning to protect the most vulnerable in society, senior volunteers are getting back out on the frontline.

“As we work through the challenges brought by the covid-19 pandemic, now more than ever our local volunteers play a significant role in creating a strong, resilient and connected community,” Fremantle deputy Mayor Andrew Sullivan said.

“While National Volunteer Week presents a wonderful opportunity to organise various celebrations, it’s important to acknowledge our valuable volunteers all year round, because without them Fremantle wouldn’t be what it is today.”

To say “Thank You”, Fremantle council hosted a special high tea at Kidogo Arthouse for volunteers from the Wanjoo Lounge, Fremantle Library, Fremantle Men’s Community Shed, Fremantle Visitor Centre, The Meeting Place, depot, precinct groups, community gardens and more.

The City also launched a series of bookmarks, showcasing volunteer stories and their rewarding and enjoyable experiences, available from Fremantle Library and the Visitor Centre. If you are interested in volunteering in Fremantle go to

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