Rod’s regret

Photo Caption: From Casanova to Cyrano in a blink: Rodney Rogers

WHILE one great love story draws to its end, Rodney Rogers is hoping he hasn’t let new romance slip through his fingers.

Rod was on his way home from his FIFO shift at the Granny Smith goldmine near Laverton recently when he struck up a conversation with “Julia” at Dunsborough cafe Merchant and Maker.

Rod reckons the air was electric and it wasn’t long before he discovered Julia was from Freo, single and daydreaming about moving down south.

Just before heading home Rod went for broke and dropped Julia a huge, and well-received, compliment – sadly, that’s when his Casanova deserted him and his tongue-tied Cyrano took over.

“She said ‘so, are you just going to leave me hanging’,” Rod said.

Somehow he did – he’s not even sure how, he admits somewhat sheepishly. Having been single for seven years and realising the opportunity he’d just squandered, he later tore back to the cafe, but there was no sign of Julia.

Staff were sympathetic to Rod’s plight and put out some flyers and a post on their Facebook page letting “Julia from Freo” know “you have a secret admirer”. They even put up a hamper for whoever tracked Julia down.

But back at the Goldmine, sympathy was rarer than a rich vein: “Everyone at work has said ‘you are such a rookie – of all the times you should have handed out your phone number’,” Rod laughs.

Rod, who’s 47, likes a bit of surfing and reckons Dunsborough’s a “lovely community”, describes Julia as “prim and proper and obviously looks after herself”.

If Julia reads this, or you reckon you know who she is, put her in contact with the Herald at news@ and we’ll see if we can’t help start something beautiful.


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