Twisted fun

A Country Women’s Association battling hordes of zombies is just one of the wacky movies at The World of Dark Comedy film festival next weekend.

Now in its third year, the mini festival at the DADAA Theatre in Fremantle will feature 15 twisted comedy shorts from across the globe.

Festival co-ordinator Greta Schipp says many of this year’s films use humour to examine the relationship we have with our most feared adversary – the grim reaper.

“From Rubbish Robbers protagonist’s hilarious denial of responsibility in wake of fatalities surrounding him to Wheel of Satan’s satirical take of satanists, the films really hold a mirror to humanity’s uncomfortable and sometimes bizarre reactions to being faced with our own mortality,” she says. 

“I think this theme particularly resonates in today’s environment with all of us having to face our vulnerability in a sudden and unexpected way in the wake of covid-19. 

“I think humour is a really helpful and important tool in helping us process these fears in a really light-hearted and fun way.”

Festival highlights include Zombies v the CWA, where ladies armed with rock cakes and rolling pins take on the living dead, Horn Hubb, where intelligence officers find out that international terrorists are using porn sites to communicate, and Little Rocker, the poignant tale of a teenage fan who accidentally kills his favourite rock star before a show. 

The festival is an international affair with shorts from countries including Norway, Spain, the Czech Republic and the United States, as well as a strong showing from WA and other Australian states. 

Festival co-creator Tanya Knott says they have become a haven for filmmakers and audiences who like to take chances and live on the edge. 

“The World of dark comedy was initially born out of limited space in festivals for risk-taking filmmakers who really pushed the envelope and dared go into the questionable aspects of society and human nature,” Ms Knott says.

“We also loved a bit of plain, kooky, and sometimes messy fun that had a distinctively darker, twisted element to it that was surprisingly fun.”

The World of Dark Comedy 3 is at the DADAA Theatre on June 11 and 12. To find out more and buy tickets go to


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