Crossing lights to boost safety

A green man will help pedestrians cross Marine Terrace.

PEDESTRIANS will no longer have to scurry across Marine Terrace to get to South Beach after Main Roads agreed to give them their own signal at the lights near the Fremantle Sailing Club.

In response to a community petition started by former precinct convenor Kavi Guppta (“Petition for beach crossing upgrade,” Herald, December 4, 2020) Fremantle Council approached Main Roads to improve the safety of the Scott Street and Marine Terrace intersection – the only formal crossing to the beach. 

The petition attracted 245 signatures, with residents calling for a pedestrian-only phase at the busy intersection. 

One of the signatories, Denise Muir, said it was a dangerous intersection: “No one gives way to pedestrians as they zoom around the corner turning right into Marine Terrace … The ‘give way to pedestrians’ sign on the lights has no impact whatsoever”. 

Mr Guppta said: “We propose that the traffic lights incorporate a clearly designated walking phase and subsequent right turn for exiting vehicle traffic.”

Main Roads has committed to funding the pedestrian symbol, but the right turn arrow it still apparently up for debate.

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