LETTERS 12.6.21

Does it matter?

I REFER to the letter “Poor Ned” (Herald, June 5, 2021) which was sent in by an unknown person in your last edition.

Now I really liked that letter and I think that the author made a few valid points.

Firstly, it has been said that we Aussies all have a  bit of the “bushranger” in us.

Also, seeing that we had a rather dubious start with the convicts being sent over here, that may explain where this trait comes from. 

We certainly learnt about “Old Ned” at school and there was a certain romance attached to the life of a bushranger.

Now when we think of Fremantle and its origins, we can’t forget the Italians. 

They were in on the ‘ground floor’ of the fishing industry, especially with the lobsters 

(crayfish to us Aussies) and they brought both prosperity and wealth to our port city.

Then you have the Irish who gave us an alternative type of pub, the Greeks who gave us fish and chip shops, the English who gave us a love for cricket and tea and so on and so on.  

We really are a culturally diverse people.

So I don’t think that it really matters what we name this particular patch of land, but rather more importantly that it is made to attract both tourists and locals alike.

Also, that it helps to make us happy to be there and restores some of Fremantle’s ost character and pride.

Steve Grady 

It stinks – still

I AM a resident of South Fremantle – in fact I have been living here for 14 years.

I really like to go to South Beach for a swim several times a week, and I appreciate the effort made in order to maintain the lawns and at least trying to control the dogs – but I am not impressed by the toilets/ change rooms and their deteriorating state.

I do not know the reason for spending a lot of money to build a basketball playground a few years ago; but maybe if was based on a donation of money from someone, the money would have been much better used on the toilets/change rooms.

The condition of the toilet building is a disgrace.

One of the doors to the men’s change room has been sealed off due to poor quality of the roof above – I suppose, and one has to go around the building in order to enter from the street side.

The access is obstructed by some portable toilets (they have been there for quite a while).

The access is far from tidy and clean.

Please do something about this sooner than later.

I do not expect facilities as they have them in Coogee Beach (a real building with hot showers) – but at least a removal of the concrete roof either replaced by a simple roofing construction or just left open in case there is not enough money.

Jorgen Via

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