Seeing the light

MORE than 160 old streetlights in Fremantle are set to be replaced with modern, energy-efficient LED lights before the end of the year. 

They’ll be installed in residential streets around Frank Gibson Park, as well as the streets around Cantonment Hill and between Fremantle Park and Queen Victoria Street.

Fremantle deputy mayor Andrew Sullivan said the new lights would be “brighter than the old ones, which will help to make the streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

“But the light will be softer so people will still be able to sleep at night,” he said.

The council currently pays $700,000 a year for the power and maintenance of its streetlights, but Cr Sullivan said the LED replacements will cut these costs by $26,000.

“The LED streetlights use far less energy and last about five times longer than ordinary lights,” he said.

“And being more energy efficient means they’ll also save around 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year”. 

The project will be funded by a $120,000 federal government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund grant, designed to stimulate jobs and local economies bouncing back from Covid. 

The streetlights will be installed by Western Power as part of its LED replacement initiative, which seeks to swap out all of its 278,000 streetlights for LED alternatives. 

“We estimate those streetlights currently create around 95,000 tonnes of 

Co2 emissions every year,” Western Power manager Chris Meneghello said.


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