Letters 3.7.21

Tide Robinson.

Tide turns to the homeless

MY name is Tide and I’m 10 years old. 

After reading last week’s story in the Herald “A Rough Winter” about homelessness and hunger that people in my community are facing this winter, I wanted to help. 

I looked online and found some great websites that have volunteering opportunities, including chorus.org.au who provide many community services.

Unfortunately you need to be at least 12 years old to register. 

They suggested that I look up volunteeringwa.org.au. 

It also had lots of great ways to volunteer, but not many choices for a 10 year old. 

My mum could see my disappointment and suggested I take part in World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine. 

Mum said it was something that she did when she was at school. We looked up the website worldvision. com.au and although they didn’t recommend kids my age fasting, mum suggested that if I replace my meals for a bowl of rice, I could enter. Yay!

I set myself a target to raise $100. I asked my parents, grandparents, cousins, and even my brother to sponsor me. 

I managed to double my target, woohoo! I’m now onto my final bowl of rice for breakfast, and with the thought of something yummy for lunch, I will make it to the finish line. 

This challenge has made me realise how grateful I am to have a warm bed and a full tummy each night. 

I feel sorry for those people that don’t have these necessities. 

I know the money I’ve raised will make a difference for someone, somewhere in the world. I hope everyone can spare some time, donate some clothing, or sacrifice some food for someone who needs it. 

Tide Robinson 
Yeovil Crescent, Bicton

Powerful idea

WITH the old South Fremantle power station now up for grabs, it provides the ideal opportunity for a long overdue film studio complex to be incorporated into its cavernous interior. 

“Studio City” would be a perfect name for a new development. 

Not only would it remove community angst over the premier handing over millions of dollars to a private entrepreneur who intends to build apartment and commercial premises on the heritage-listed Fremantle wharf – with a film studio tacked on to garner support from the gullible – the potential to expand the studio facilities to cater for kindred industries would be achieved without further destroying the slowly vanishing Fremantle historical precinct.

Daryl Binning 
Bull Creek

Rents too high

THE column by Hayden Groves “Supply is the Problem” in the June 19 Herald is an interesting read, but he has the wrong end of the stick.

The rental supply is not the problem. 

The problem is most of those renters would dearly love to own their own home but stand small chance of gaining a foothold in the market. 

Rents are at a level, compared to their wages, that very little is left after living expenses to save the 20 per cent deposit required by the banks. The ocean of young families and old alike who will most likely never be in a position to buy real estate is the problem. 

Reducing the levy on offshore foreign investors to buy up local real estate (off the plan???) exacerbates the problem. 

This allows real estate agents to push the envelope harder and harder. Who benefits from that? People who already have a property. 

Never ending growth in property values/prices is not achievable without creating an under-privileged demographic.

So supply is definitely not the problem.

David Valentine 
Haig Road, Attadale

Not rated very high

FOR way too long Fremantle council has asked ratepayers to foot the bill for a deteriorating financial position while services have been cut, developers have been enriched and assets sold.  

At the same time, rates have increased well above CPI year after year in stark contrast to what adjacent councils have been able to achieve. 

The focus on sustainability has clearly not extended to Fremantle’s financial position which ultimately supports these efforts. 

If councillors and our CEO are not adequately financially literate to oversee proper management 

of ratepayer’s funds and answer reasonable questions, then skill up or move on.

Pip Darvall
Lefroy Road, South Fremantle

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