Forged for over-55s

A SEVEN-STOREY development at the entrance to Fremantle’s CBD is back on the cards, but this time as an over-55s complex.

This week Fremantle’s planning committee considered an application to build a $16 million, 50-unit development on the vacant site of the old Fremantle Foundry.

A mixed-use development including a small bar and restaurant had already been approved for the site by the South Metro JDAP in 2016, but it came just as a credit crunch hit banks and the economy went back into decline.

The current plan includes a basement carpark, treatment room and shop, as well as racks for 25 bikes.

Several objections during consultation raised concerns the new building would overwhelm two adjoining heritage properties.

And while the council’s heritage department recommended the “monolithic” side walls be softened by “subtly expressing the building structure such as floor slabs”, planning staff deferred to the city’s Design Advisory Committee which preferred the proponent’s plan to “flip” corner units so balconies would have a “more comfortable relationship with adjoining properties”.

Approval rests with the JDAP. The planning committee also approved an application to clear a huge industrial block on Tideman Road opposite Fremantle port.

While there had been speculation about property developers lobbying to get the precinct rezoned for apartments, the Chook notes the company behind the application, VE Property, has more of a track record in industrial sub-divisions.

The demolition application doesn’t mention what VE have planned for the site.

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