Letters 10.7.21


RECENTLY the High Court ruled that the government could hold asylum seekers indefinitely. 

In other words, a life sentence. What has happened to habeas corpus? What has happened to basic common decency, to justice?

In the latest of a long series of amendments to the Migration Act, designed to cover their backsides, the Morrison government last month passed the Migration Amendment (Clarifying International Obligations for Removal) Bill 2021, effectively fixing in law that the government can continue holding unlawful non-citizens without any time limit.  

It also gave the minister the power to withdraw earlier protection status, essentially giving him the power to arbitrarily reject refugee status.  

Refugee rights advocate Ian Rintoul states: “We will see an increasing number of people in detention who are simply condemned to indefinite detention with no avenues of legal review.”

This is not justice, this is not a fair go, this is not the Australia I thought I knew.

Tom Vosmer 
Dorothy St, Fremantle

Get on track

I LOVE mountain biking (I am a 50-year-old environmental health professional), always have.

It’s now one of, if not the, fastest growing ‘family’ activity in Australia. 

Visit the current mountain bike parks down south or in the Perth Hills and you will find people/families from all walks of life enjoying the WA great outdoors. 

Purpose designed and built mountain bike parks are designed to ‘fit in’ to the surroundings and provide a safe place for riders so that the riders and others can enjoy a place such as Manning Park in harmony.  Why must everything be a ‘us and them’? 

We, and I say we, can all enjoy the benefits of a purpose-built facility. Walkers can enjoy the walk trails, riders the ride trails. We can all enjoy the benefits of having what will most definitely be a word class MBP. 

A real draw card, not to mention local jobs etc. 

We need this Mountain Bike Park built. Not in five years but ready for use in 2022. 

Please do not get on the ‘fauna’ band wagon. Go to the current parks in WA, Australia or for that matter Canada and others (yes, I have been) and you will see kangaroos, emus, lizards, snakes (bears in Whistler) and various bird life all thriving amongst the trails. 

Cats and Dogs are the danger to our fauna not mountain bike riders. 

Come on Cockburn, let’s crack on and make the Manning MTB Park the best in WA. 

Name and address supplied


AUSTRALIA’S population ponzi scheme drives down wages and conditions, drives down living standards, drives up already over-priced and unaffordable house prices and decimates more and more natural environment – bushland.

It compounds traffic congestion – finding a parking spot and general over-crowding.

But it is all going to collapse. Then what?

Brad Capes

C’mon pals

I SEE that that the council are still cutting down mature trees in Palmyra, making the area less healthy and attractive to live.

Even the birds are disappearing . Shame.

W Barry Clarkson

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