Everyone’s ducking as pensioner’s ceiling falls

• Steve Maticic wants answers on why his ceiling collapsed. It’s next to the car park used for the High Street upgrade’s trucks and equipment. Photo by Steve Grant 

A FREMANTLE pensioner’s home has been left in ruins following an incident he attributes to Main Roads’ upgrade of High Street.

The Holland Street property is right next to a car park used by trucks and machinery engaged in the works.

Owner Steve Maticic said he had been hearing unexplained loud banging noises at night for the past few weeks before his ceiling collapsed around three weeks ago.

“I heard noise and I didn’t know what it was at first,” he said. 

“Then the ceiling just came down.

“I was lucky I didn’t get caught in it, as I was only a short distance away.”

Before construction started, Mr Maticic received a series of letters from Bradbury Sewell Chartered Loss Adjusters and Surveyors, a surveying company acting on behalf of construction company Georgiou. 

The letters were requesting to arrange a pre-construction survey at his property, to which Mr Maticic said he responded to by telephone.

“Somebody came to my house and said they were conducting a survey,” he said. 

“He took many photos but did not leave a name or business card.

“I also never received a copy of the survey.”

But Main Roads spokesperson Dean Roberts said the department was unaware of any effort by Mr Maticic to respond to the letters, and maintains a survey was not conducted at his property.

“The surveying company made multiple attempts to contact [Mr Maticic], but there is no record of a response being received,” he said.

“Neither Georgiou nor the surveying company who undertook the pre-condition survey on their behalf have any record of a survey taking place at this property.

“Without a pre-condition assessment, which would show the condition of the property before construction commenced, it is difficult to establish causation of the damage to the owner’s ceiling.”

Mr Roberts said according to vibration data associated with the project works, it was highly unlikely road construction contributed to the ceiling’s collapse, unless there was significant underlying damage to the property before the works commenced. 


Mr Maticic said Georgiou had also told him they didn’t believe they were responsible.

“Georgiou said the ceiling could have collapsed due to the age of the property,” he said. 

“Either that or just mere coincidence.”

Now left with extensive property damage, Mr Maticic is desperate for an inspection to be carried out on his home to determine what exactly caused the ceiling to fall, and if there is any connection to the construction works.

“Georgiou have said they will send somebody to inspect the house, but it’s been three weeks now and no one has come,” he said. 

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