Why you haven’t heard of calipers

EVERYONE knows about Covid – but how many folk today have heard of poliomylitis? 

When I was a child at school, people from the health department came round and every child was given a sugar cube with a dob of polio vaccine on it.

No consent forms, no debate, no side effects.

And guess what? Polio, which had been rife throughout the world, tapered off to nothing.

Words like “iron lung” and “calipers,” in common usage at the time, are no longer in our vocabulary – in fact, many folk today would have absolutely no idea what they mean.

Ask yourself, how many people do you know who are scarred by smallpox, who have died of tuberculosis, have had a child born with birth defects because the mum contracted German measles during pregnancy? 

How many babies do you know of who have died because they caught whooping cough? 

How many children these days are deaf – or men, who would love to be dads, but are sterile – because of mumps? 

If your answer is none, ask yourself why. 

The reason is widespread vaccination, which has curtailed – even totally eliminated – many diseases which were, in the past, life-altering, and frequently fatal. 

The Spanish flu epidemic of the early 1900s affected nearly 500 million people with an estimated death toll of upwards of 17 million people (no-one knows for sure). 

So far, Covid has been responsible for 4 million deaths world-wide, and counting. 

But not only do we have to consider the death rate, there is a nasty aftermath called “long Covid,” which can, and does, cause significant chronic disease. 

The new, highly transmissible Delta variant is particularly virulent and could be the precursor of something even worse. Who knows what is waiting in the wings. 

We are privileged to have access to safe vaccinations, all of which have been throughly tested. 

We seldom hear of any severe side effects or deaths from vaccination – they are rare and relatively mild. 

Dr Google is a notoriously unreliable source of information; it will give you any answer you want, depending on how you phrase the question. 

Consider that you are twice as likely to be injured or die from a road traffic accident than you are to have a dangerous reaction to the Covid vaccine. 

Would you consult your doctor about growing orchids? 

Why would anyone trust the “advice” of, say, their hairdresser – or even their best friend – about vaccination? 

Ask your GP, pharmacist or suitably-qualified person for answers, discuss the advantages and disadvantages. 

You will find that the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

It is time to put aside the fallacies, the crackpot and unproven theories, and do the responsible thing. 

If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your family, your friends, your colleagues. 

Covid is not going to go away, so why not be protected? 

The more people who are immune, the fewer cases there will be. 

The Astra Zenica vaccine has had a bad rap – but it is highly effective and safe. 

Sure, there have been a few incidents of blood clotting – you have a greater chance of winning the lottery – but the medical profession is well aware of any possible side effects, and how to treat them. 

The vast majority of recipients of this vaccine will tell you that they have had no side effects whatsoever. 

I can attest to that; I hardly felt the jab and have been absolutely fine – not even a sore arm. 

When asked, “What is the best vaccine?” a wise, and well-qualified person, responded thus, “The one you are given”. 

Look at the statistics, at what has happened in countries where the vaccine rollout has been effective. 

The infection rate is noticeably, often dramatically, dropping. 

Do yourself a favour, find out the facts (ignore the rumours) and do the resposible thing – get yourself vaccinated. 


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