Letters 21.8.21

Stop printing selfish views 

THE Freo Herald needs to stop printing the views of selfish, stupid anti-vaxxers.

The piece by ‘anonymous’ only serves to give a sense of legitimacy to this ignorant mob.

And they are a mob, exemplified by the horn-tooting conspiracy theorists of late July, who contemptuously spat lines of utter rubbish and misinformation to anyone who asked. 

This person on page 9 (assuming they’re real) says informed consent is “essential to our society”.

If someone is still uninformed after more than year of COVID, and following masses of research on efficient vaccines, what can be done to help them? 

If they get COVID and happen to survive, the person who catches it from them may not. 

How hard is it to follow that?

Anti-vaxxers want the rewards of society without contributing to it because they may, in fact, benefit from the herd immunity created by those of us who give up our arms and use our brains.

Ignorance is a choice. 

It’s disappointing that with all of the information available at our fingertips, some people believe in nonsense.  

There are lots of unpalatable, repulsive views which some people hold but they don’t get an airing in the Herald.

The egotistical, anti-science meanderings of the anti-vaxxer are on the same level.

If anyone who works at the Herald is an anti-vaxxer, or is so influenced by a loved one, then the Herald should make a declaration.

It owes this to its readers. 

David Weber
North Fremantle

The Ed says: The Herald simply doesn’t like telling people they are not entitled to have a view, and they were clearly identified as opinions rather than “facts. And as you already point out: “All of the information at our fingertips”. If that’s the case, what’s the problem? As Covid vaccines become more available, people have been rolling up in their droves to get their shots, comforted by the readily available data on their efficacy, minimal side-effects and the knowledge that the alternative is far worse; the anti-vaxxers have had little to no impact on Australia’s rollout. It’s also not fair to claim they want the rewards without contributing, as that doesn’t acknowledge that, for whatever reason, they have a genuine fear of the jab, and that should be respected. The truth is, we don’t need the anti-vaxxers’ to reach herd immunity, so why expend energy telling them off and labelling them. If it’s safety in numbers you’re after, you’d be better writing to the PM and urging him to get that good juice flowing.

Dog-gone it

HAVE you ever considered the benefits of “walking the dog”, a simple pleasure experienced by many dog owners all over the world?

Here, in Melville city, it is often at the Burke Drive dog walk on Attadale Reserve.

The benefits are numerous, not only for your physical health, but also social and mental well being too. Research has proved that walking a dog for about 30 minutes a day not only improves your cardiovascular health, but also lowers blood pressure, builds muscle and bone strength and reduces stress. 

These benefits are not only confined to the owner’s as at least one daily walk is recommended for most dogs. Being off lead means the dogs get to run, play and socialise with other dogs and people. 

But why is such a common occurrence about to be made more difficult for dog owning residents in Attadale? 

As part of a 20-year masterplan there is a proposal to more than halve the amount of off-lead dog exercise area at Burke Drive. The plan is due to go before Melville Council before the end of August.

In place of this unique and popular dog walking area are planned two, full-sized football ovals which begs the question: “Why?” 

“Why has this area been targeted,” is being asked by hundreds of users of this popular dog exercise area. 

It’s a place where residents and visitors walk, talk and exercise their dogs. 

The local Melville community as well as from further afield, meet, greet, share local and faraway news, ask for advice, problems are discussed and solved, deals are made, children walk with parents and pets, games are played and friendships formed. 

In others words; it is not just a place where dogs are exercised. It is a social hub where people of all ages and stages get together with their doggy pals. 

During the recent Covid lockdowns it was amazing how many people used this space to unwind and breathe. What a life saver.

To make it even more confusing an existing picturesque and fully functioning full-sized oval at Troy Park is a mere 400 meters to the right of the proposed new ovals. 

Dogs have never been allowed on that oval. So why is the plan to destroy what is a unique dog exercising area even being presented to council? It is still unclear who is really behind the plan? 

Oh it’s certainly not the current residents on Burke Drive, who may have occasionally complained about a barking dog; but just wait until they have to deal with Saturday, Sunday and evening games of football – the lights, the noise and associated traffic build up on week nights and weekends just a few meters away from their front yards. 

Woof! Woof! Woof! That’s when they will really miss that sound.


Gabby the Great

I REFER to the article “Deaf to discrimination,” Herald, August 14, 2021) about Gabby Curran’s experience at the Bathers Beach House that appeared in your last edition.

I must say that I read the above mentioned article with some disappointment but not surprise.

In this ‘brave new world’ that we live in, there is a shortage of kindness and understanding but definitely not ignorance.  

You encounter it everywhere, while driving, in supermarkets, at sporting events and obviously, at some drinking and dining establishments.  

Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me to hear about this rudeness at all. 

As far as the venue that was mentioned is concerned, I had a meal there a couple of years ago and I don’t think that my wallet has recovered yet.

Anyway Gabby, there are many other good restaurants/pubs/cafes in the area, where staff will no doubt extend you and your friends a warm welcome.

On a happier note, it was great to hear about your recent appointment to the Melville council access committee. I wish you all the luck in the world with this new venture.

So keep up the good work and to quote an old saying, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

Steve Grady 

3 responses to “Letters 21.8.21

  1. Dear Editor, we do need the anti-vaxxers to get to “herd immunity” which the experts say is closer to 90% of the total pop due to Delta and while “All of the information at our fingertips” may be true, a significant number of the pop seems to have trouble distinguishing what is actually science and what isn’t. Do you give racists the same consideration?

    As to this “…the anti-vaxxers have had little to no impact on Australia’s rollout.” you must be kidding, it’s not what I’ve read in the media and if you’re going to ask for my evidence of that I would ask the same of you! As to genuine anti-vaxxers, it’s political ideology that drives them, not concern of potential medical consequences.

    • We’ve not seen any evidence that the anti-vaxx movement would account for anything more than 3 or 4 per cent of the population. Have a look at the latest protest – 1000 people in a city this size of Sydney. And for evidence, we just used our eyes – have a look at the huge queues outside vaccination centres – the majority of people want to do the right thing.

      • They may only make up 3-4% of the total pop but as a % of those in the vaxx age range they’re likely to account for 6-8% and that doesn’t include those the anti-vaxxers have scared off.

        People are lining up in NSW because reality is staring them in the face, whilst in WA we’re taking our time still.

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