Letters 28.8.21

Hands off!

MELVILLE City Council you have to be joking.

The wave park idea was bad enough but you have stepped up a level with your recent proposal for Burke Drive.

Two more ovals plus a netball court with lighting towers would completely destroy the ambience of this unique area. 

The noise and traffic build-up in the area and parking everywhere including down side streets would be horrendous.

There are numerous ovals 400 hundred metres away at Troy and Tompkins parks. 

What or who is behind this ludicrous plan to destroy this area which has become so popular with residents and dog walkers?

Yes it could do with some upgrading with maybe some exercise equipment and picnic tables plus the clearing of some dead trees away.

Otherwise just LEAVE IT ALONE. 


Kick it out of bounds

PREMIER Mark McGowan’s intention to go ahead with the AFL grand final borders on irresponsibility and insanity.

Has power corrupted him to the point of gambling on Western Australians’ health ?

Below is a link to a petition, more efficient than polls, to ask that the decision be reversed.

Please pass it along if you feel for your safety. 


Jean-Marie de Dianous
Wood Street,
White Gum Valley

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