Local treat

IT’S been a historic few weeks for WA – we launched our first satellite, secured the Grand Final, and Mark McGowan bought a pair of “Team WA” briefs.

I even visited a Palmyra cafe I’ve passed numerous times while doing the school run, but never ventured inside (I know, JFK stuff).

It’s called Misto and is on the corner of Marmion Street and McKimmie Road, part of a small row of shops including a hairdresser.

The small cafe has a handful of utilitarian tables and an all-day breakfast menu with a compact range of dishes.

It was a bit cramped and the tables could have done with a spruce up, so we decided to get some takeaway from the display cabinet, which had a lovely looking range of savouries, salads and tarts.

Brimming with freshness and colour there were plenty of goodies to choose from including Italian sausage, roast capsicum and cheese frittata; broccoli and mint patties; and deep sea cod and broccoli pie.

Misto is unashamedly local and you could see patrons enjoying a chat with the staff and lots of familiar hellos, nods and “Isn’t Eddie McGuire a ****”.

Our service was quick and efficient, but some smiles from the girl behind the till wouldn’t have gone a miss, but it could have been one of those days, so no big deal.

First up was the sweet potato, broccolini and chickpea salad ($8.50 medium) – a fresh and fragrant treat.

It wasn’t something I would normally get, but the killer ingredient was the pomegranate seeds, which gave this dish a tart-but-sweet twist. 

A lovely, moreish salad which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Up next was the pasta al forno ($8) – an intimidating slab of pasta tubes, basil, pesto, pumpkin and ricotta.

The combination of pesto, pasta and ricotta was sheer heaven and kept me coming back for more.

It had a lovely moistness and didn’t dry-out in the oven with the chunks of pumpkin bulking things out. A comforting dish occupying the twilight zone between pasta and tart.

My wife wasn’t so keen on the spinach, feta and polenta tart ($8), which looked amazing but didn’t quite hit the same heights as the al forno. However it was still enjoyable and had a nice balance of flavours. 

Last up was the lamb sausage rolls, which had plenty of girth and were crammed with tender lamb that wasn’t too fatty or tough.

The pastry was nice and light and it wasn’t too heavy on the onion. These were tasty and seriously filling lamb sausage rolls.

Misto’s display cabinet is impressive and they had a gorgeous range of treats you could take home cold or they could heat them up to dine-in or takeaway.

The cafe is small, so it’s hard to change a lot, but maybe some TLC to the tables and decor would make it more inviting to dine-in.

Misto is great for a takeaway and I’ll grab a coffee next time I’m on the road to middle-class hell, ehm, I mean the school run.


Misto Cafe
67c McKimmie Road, Palmyra

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