Bar owner has dim view of lighting fail

A FREMANTLE businessman is fuming over the three months it has taken to get streetlights fixed in the city’s West End.

Old Faithful Bar owner Rob Paolucci said the only lighting on Pakenham Street since June had been coming from his building and the neighbouring Quest Hotel.

“I have eight female staff members who have to come and go to work at night and there’s no light,” Mr Paolucci said.

“I understand it takes time to get the wheels rolling but there needs to be interim lighting put on the street or someone is going to get assaulted,” he said. 

The council said it learned of the outages in early August but Western Power was responsible for the streetlights on Pakenham, Phillimore and Leake streets. 

“Western Power has advised the outages are due to issues with the underground cables in the area,” a council spokesperson said.

The council offered the use of its community safety officers to accompany staff to their cars or the train station after their shifts.

Western Power got the lights back on briefly earlier this month, but the council says the problem has recurred.

“We’re advised Western Power has been out to assess the outages on Tuesday evening and are hoping to complete follow up repairs Wednesday night to ensure they are not still faulty.” 

The spokesperson said the city had requested solar fittings for the streetlight poles but Western Power said they would not be a suitable solution. 

“We also requested temporary lighting towers, but Western Power does not supply these. 

“The city understands this is an unacceptable situation for businesses and residents in the area.”


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