Chow down 

I’VE been keeping an eye out for Sacha Baron Cohen on the Cappuccino Strip.

A few weeks ago it was reported he had relocated with his family to WA, so I’m thinking Cohen and Ben Elton might be brainstorming a skit for the Grand Final, while munching on spotted dick in a cafe.

Baldrick in a mankini – the possibilities are endless…

One things for sure – neither of them were at The Pantry in Bicton when I ordered takeaway this week. Recently opened, it is Miss Chow’s latest dedicated takeaway in Greater Perth, with the original Pantry at City Beach.

There’s always a buzz when a new eatery opens south of the river, so I was excited to check out the food, but unfortunately it was a bit hit and miss.

Let’s start with the prices – sweet and sour pork/chicken was $28 and the portion wasn’t that big, and that’s before you’ve ordered some rice ($4 for steamed jasmine).

All this could be forgiven if it was top notch, but it was average and nothing in the flavours and sauce really stood out. It was a solid and enjoyable sweet and sour, but I expected more.

The chop chop chicken ($26) was an improvement and I loved the combination of crispy skin, tender meat and black vinegar sauce, but I wanted more of a chilli hit.

Things improved when we got to Miss Chow’s bread-and-butter – their dumplings.

The steamed chicken and mushroom ($8 for 4) had a dainty casing and a strong burst of funghi.

The dumplings tasted really fresh and were piping hot.

The Angus Beef steamed dumplings ($10 for 4) were interesting with a strong meaty hit and plenty of attitude, but I found them a bit heavy going. Definitely worth trying, but they will be divisive.

To round things off we got some salt and pepper squid ($15) from the entree section.

A solid classic that ticked all the boxes and was satisfying.

Miss Chow’s also do soups and a small range of desserts including Sago Pudding and Lava Buns.

Our takeaway family meal for two adults and two kids came to $103 including delivery and service fees, which is pretty expensive.

There was a family meal deal available for $64.90 and $99.95, but the $64 one looked a bit small and the $99 didn’t have the food we liked, so we ordered individual selections.

They also do a mini pan fam for kids ($12) which includes a drink, spring roll, BBQ pork bun and fried rice.

The dumplings are definitely worth checking out at Miss Chow’s Pantry, but the mains were a bit pricey and underwhelming.

So in the words of Borat: “Dumplings – very nice! Mains – me no likey, better eat goat in Kazakhstan.”


The Pantry by Miss Chows
103 Harris St, Bicton

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