Control works both ways

WELL, the local elections will be all over bar the shouting by the time most read this week’s Fremantle Herald.

Chief chook Andrew Smith’s advice last week, with regard to the lack of political lustre, should be heeded. 

Sadly, with another four years to go, methinks it will be the same old lack of professionalism next time, as it was four years prior.

As reported, “there were too many fractured over-moderated meetings”. 

The candidates must have been exhausted. The interested voters were.

Unfortunately the “debate that wasn’t a debate” followed the same form as one organised by the Chamber of Commerce at the National Hotel last local election.

The chairpersons’ questions were jumbled and almost longer than the candidates’ answers.

Nor did the chair ever take control. Cr Rachel Pemberton was permitted to interject loudly from the audience while Cr Marija Vujcic was speaking, on more than one occasion.

No one interrupted Cr Fitzhardinge. Later, when the audience was finally permitted to interact, after the staged chairs’ waffle, once again, a rabble were permitted to interject and criticise the independent questioners. 

Hello chairs, control your meeting. Perhaps in advance of organising future debates, if these people wish to be involved, they should receive some media training.  Thanks to them anyway, for their time.

Suzanne John
High St, Fremantle

Heckling loses my vote

I DID not attend the pre-election meetings however it is obvious who I will not vote for. 

Any councillor who heckles another councillor in a public meeting does so because they do not have the facts or ability to conduct a courteous and meaningful debate.

KE Carter

Citizens of the decade

AS we say a sad farewell to the presence and service of a convenient and comprehensive supermarket in our town – I wish to give tribute to those who gave service to us in a not-always-ideal workplace.

My experience of the staff of Coles Woolstores was of a very special breed of employees who coped daily with some extremely challenging public behaviour in their workplace. 

Having to respond to and manage some of the most socially challenging situations – and constantly deal with an epidemic of shoplifting, was I’m sure, way above their pay-grade.

However the staff of Coles Fremantle seemed to take this in their stride, take the rough with the smooth and manifest service and goodwill with aplomb. I found them to be always helpful and cheerful and nothing was too hard to give help.

Many Fremantle people avoided Coles Woolstores because of the socially difficult situations and also because of its generally run-down neglected physical state. 

It wasn’t a popular shopping destination.

BUT if you didn’t mind potentially encountering a variety of types and situations, shopping at Coles was an efficient, comfortable and non-frantic experience.

Coles Fremantle had a real community feel which did very much reflect all the people of Fremantle.

It’s obvious that many of us will so miss the convenience of having Coles right here but I will also particularly miss those staff who I came to know and appreciate.  

Go well all of you good people – Traci, Gerry, check-out staff, the on-line shopping team and all the very best for your next placement.

I’m sure it won’t be nearly as interesting as Coles Fremantle was!

Maryrose Baker

Great pals in Palmyra

I REFER to the story entitled “Back From the brINK” that appeared in your last edition (Herald, October 9, 2021).

It was great to read the above article regarding the Bicton Primary School and its Pen Pal Project.

I wasn’t really surprised at this but took great delight in reading it. 

I’m currently the vice-president of the local RSL sub-branch and both the president and I have had several dealings with this primary school. 

They have been great supporters of our sub-branch and always invite us to participate in their Anzac Day commemoration service.  

This is always conducted professionally and respectfully and both the teachers and pupils do a great job.  Also, they have visited our sub-branch on several occasions and have always been both well behaved and inquisitive. 

All in all, they are a fine bunch of people and the staff and the students are a credit to themselves. 

That is why this act of kindness didn’t surprise me in the least.

So keep up the good work guys and hopefully we’ll see you all again in the future.

Steve Grady

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