Borer spreading

EIGHT infestations of an exotic borer have now been discovered in East Fremantle, while the destructive pest has also been detected in four other suburbs.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has been tracking the progress of the polyphagous shot-hole borer since its discovery in Dalgety Street in September (“Deadly borer finds Aussie foothold in East Freo,” Herald, September 18, 2021).

DPIRD chief plant biosecurity officer Sonya Broughton told the Herald the department might have to extend its existing quarantine area.

The borers have also been found in Attadale, Myaree, Dalkeith and Claremont.

“DPIRD is continuing to conduct surveillance, trapping, inspections and respond to reports of suspected detections,” Dr Broughton said.

The borer infestation has made it to the national stage, with the Consultative Committee on Emergency Plant Pests declaring it an “emergency plant pest” at a meeting last month.

The committee is waiting for results from the latest data review before deciding whether the infestation will require federal resources to eradicate.

Dr Broughton reminded residents to look for signs of the tiny seed-sized pest, including its signature round entry hole and fallen branches with extensive internal damage.

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