Melville miaows

MELVILLE council won’t be following Cockburn and Fremantle’s lead and keep cats contained within their owners’ property, but will look to ban them from bushland areas.

The council has released a draft Cat Management Plan which includes plans to lobby the state government to introduce a night-time cat curfew.

Mayor George Gear says the state’s current Cat Act doesn’t give the council the power to enforce curfews.

A council survey found that more than 50 per cent of cat owners allowed their pets to roam, though most reckon none came home with a honeyeater hanging from its mouth.

Mr Gear says that’s “in contrast with other research that suggests, despite their valued role as companion animals, cats are a major threat to native wildlife with the average roaming cat killing 186 mammals, birds and reptiles a year”.

The survey is open until December 3 at

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