Letters 20.11.21

Your choice

DEAR Brad Capes [“Right jab,” Letters, November 13, 2021] given that a number of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered to billions of people worldwide in 2021 

I think it is reasonable to argue that they are neither experimental nor untested, as you suggest.

As for your suggestion of “forcing Australians” “over their beliefs and jobs”: you do not have to have the jab, but if you don’t have the jab and want to work in areas where you may be a risk to others then tough luck, that is your choice. 

There are many jobs where there are requirements to protect both yourself and fellow workers, these relate primarily to safety, health and welfare. 

We have rules and laws for those purposes, so mandating protection for the population against Covid-19 is not unusual. It can also be argued that people who don’t/won’t have the jab are the ones responsible for the lockdowns.

As for your suggestion to “ask the nurses that refuse the jab for their reasons” why not ask the nurses, and medical professional, that have the jab? I am sure those numbers well and truly outnumber those few who don’t. 

Jim Meckelburg
Davies St, Beaconsfield 

Great job WGV

I JUST wanted to say what a fantastic day we had at the White Gum Valley Primary School reunion on Sunday.

It was a credit to everyone who was involved, and to see the effort that went into displaying their 120 years of history was amazing.

Ray Wright

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