Pro-vaxxers rally

PRO-VACCINE supporters are planning to attend Fremantle council’s meeting this coming week to try and derail a campaign aimed at making the city a mandate-free zone (“Crowd wants Freo non-mandate zone,” Herald, December 18, 2021).

Calling themselves the Neighbourhood Appreciation Society, the group has its own online petition “Fremantle anti-vaxxers don’t represent us!” which had racked up almost 300 signatures as the Chook went to the printers on Thursday evening.

NAS member Max Vickery said in a statement “anti-vaccination” extremists were organising petitions across the country.

“These campaigns use the playbook of the global far-right movement, which has been targeting local governments in the US and many other countries in an attempt to put pressure on regional and national governments,” Mr Vickery said.

“The so-called ‘pro-choice’ rhetoric conceals anti-science fundamentalism, 5G and QAnon conspiracy theories, and a blatant disregard for human life,” Mr Vickery said. 

“Individual rights do not, and should not, trump the human right to health and the right to life.

“The petition presented to the council by Simon Naber does not represents the interests of Fremantle workers, residents and visitors.”

Mr Naber’s petition included signatures from 45 local small business and sole traders.

“If these business owners really cared about the health of their employees they would encourage them to get vaccinated,” Mr Vickery said.

Fellow NAS member Barry Healy said “across Australia fascists have swarmed the anti-vaxx movement.

“In Melbourne, the offices of the CFMEU were attacked in the worst example of fascist violence seen in Australia since the 1930s,” Mr Healy said.

“I find much to be concerned about this anti-vaxx mayhem. I look forward to Fremantle council wisely voting against all this nonsense.”

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