Demolition sped up

THE demolition of the empty Challenger Tafe building in Beaconsfield has been rushed through by the state government because of problems with anti-social behaviour.

Site works will now begin in February after being given the all-clear by lands minister John Carey and demolition is expected to start in March and take two to three months.

Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk had pushed for the demolition after locals and the nearby high school complained about people breaking into the abandoned building. Late last year a girls’ soccer training had to be called off after a deliberately-lit fire in the complex sent toxic smoke drifting across Bruce Lee Oval.

“The Beaconsfield Tafe served the community well for many years, but now it’s time for this land to be unlocked to create a new and thriving addition to the Fremantle community,” Ms McGurk said.

The site is earmarked for medium-density development under the Heart of Beaconsfield plan.

“I’ve seen Development WA work well with local communities to get good outcomes such as the old Hamilton Hill High School site,” Ms McGurk said.

“This is a fantastics opportunity to consult with local residents and stakeholders and bring something special to Beaconsfield.”

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