Letters 26.2.22

Our heart

YOUR front page story last week, “Port geared for next phase” was disappointing in not addressing the fundamental and urgent question of connecting the Victoria Quay waterfront with the commercial heart of Fremantle – not just the remote West End!

Once again, can I stress the need to reconfigure Fremantle (bus/rail) Station and its forecourt so that pedestrian traffic can move easily from Market Street and Queen Street across the railway to a re-vamped Victoria Quay waterfront immediately adjacent the traditional business and shopping centre of Fremantle.

Such a ‘next phase’ would put a smile on every-bodies dial – shoppers, businesses, tourists and visitors, who might then find out what a great seaside town Fremantle can be!

John Adderley
South Fremantle

The Ed says: Thanks John, we did ask about that but didn’t have room to squeeze it in last week. That all rests with the Future Fremantle committee, which apparently had its first meeting about a month ago. The committee is made up of representatives from the government departments which all have a hand in that area (Fremantle Ports, planning, transport authority, Main Roads), the council and community reps. Of course committees have come and gone before and nothing’s changed, so we’ll not be holding our breaths until the first shovel is raised, but Ports CEO Michael Parker said he was feeling pretty buoyed by it.

Win for all

I AM not a golfer but an active user of Booyeembara Park which is adjacent to the lamented 9-hole Fremantle public golf course (“It’s par for the course,” Thinking Allowed, February 19, 2022).

The High Street upgrade has reduced the length of the course. 

However, several golfers I spoke to said it was “better than expected” (perhaps low expectations), “some improvements” but no negative comments. 

A new clubhouse, cafe and community facility is to be built which will also benefit golfers and community. 

The High Street upgrade has facilitated: netball parking adjacent to the netball courts, eliminating the danger of players crossing High Street; trucks turning into and out of the Stirling Highway without stopping at traffic lights; safe pedestrian and bicycle passage under High Street and the highway through underpasses. 

The High Street upgrade is a win, win, win, win situation for golfers, netball players, trucks and pedestrians/bikers.

Robert Dobson
White Gum Valley

Ed’s note: You can catch the next instalment of Ernie Stringer’s Thinking Allowed on page 10.


PAM NEESHAM portrays an anti-dog stance (“No dogs,” Herald letters, February 19, 2022) and pushes this under the guise of being a member of SERAG and FOAF, to name but a few. 

Ms Neesham was not regarded as being dog-supportive in her time as a councillor with the City of Melville.

Back in the early 2000s, the city supported a dog beach at the western end of Burke Drive, as an offset to a fence running the length of the Attadale Reserve. 

This small beach is very popular with dog owners and others (kayakers etc). 

However, Ms Neesham has the blinkers on and wants ratepayers driving all over the place, increasing the carbon footprint, rather than seeing the merits of a very small beach area on Blackwall Beach Parade for our Bicton ratepayers, who simply ask for access to an area for their dogs to cool off on a hot day.

Ms Neesham referred to “barkers eggs or doggie do” but conveniently turns a blind eye to all the other nasties that regularly affect the river environment – jet skis, fishing paraphernalia such as plastic, nets or hooks, feral cats and foxes, etc. 

It’s just easier for Ms Neesham to come up with her age old chestnut of placing blame, for all the river’s environmental ills, on dogs and their owners.

Melville council has a growing registered dog population of 29,000 together with 100,000+ residents, also increasing. 

Ratepayers need increasing access to recreational areas, including the Swan River. 

The river is all-inclusive for everybody, which is supported by the Swan River Trust’s vision “that the river be accessible for the community to enjoy”.

It is highly regrettable that Ms Neesham chooses to overlook that:

• Dog owners are a significant part of our community who care for their dogs and are responsible for them;

• Dogs are integral to the well being, safety and security of the family unit;

• Dogs offer a level of security and early warning for our older community members in an increasingly unsafe environment; and,

• Recreational areas, including for dog exercise, need to grow commensurate with population growth.

Name and address supplied


AS a child of the ‘60s, one of the very first road rules I learned at age 4 or 5 was about walking along streets without footpaths. 

This simple and sensible rule stated to always walk against incoming traffic – on the right side of the road in Australia. 

However, on my daily walks around Melville, I note that the majority of other walkers and joggers use the left side of the road, including dog walkers and parents escorting kids to school, pushing prams, etc. These people must think they’re vehicles. 

If this golden road rule isn’t taught anymore, then I strongly suggest it should be.


No nonsense

THANK you Khin for a well thought, well felt piece of writing (“Fakers,” Herald, February 19, 2022). 

I learned a lot from your reflections. As you ask, What to do??

What to do when confronting this stuff.

My experience has been far less considerate and compassionate than yours.

A friend of mine would not get vaccinated. He said he was not willing to put something in his body that he knew nothing about; and was not proven. He said this to me while smoking a cigarette.

I told him he was a fool and to get vaxxed.

I tend not to put up with nonsense.

Peter Koffel

Rev rev

LET me help you: As a Freo resident, I’m often reminded of how integrated into the bustle of the immediate area I am simply by choosing to live here. 

While sitting on my balcony, I often will alert folks parking in the parallel spots in front of my apartment that they don’t have to pay after 6pm, if I see them about to put their card in the meter. 

We tend to look out for one another down here. 

Curtis at the markets and I are on a first name basis. 

With that being said, over the years, I’ve noticed a problem that I want to help with. 

I don’t know who the handful of you are exactly, but there’s a small group of you who are quite obviously either looking for something/someone, or are trying to elicit some type of result with your actions that apparently simply isn’t working. 

I don’t exactly know the best way to help, but if you can kindly explain to me what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve, maybe I can help! 

At first, when I initially noticed your Harley d, Yamakawasuki, HSFPV, Go Street Racer Go, or even that Patrol with a turbo charger, you understandably grabbed my attention! 

You really did a good job making them extra loud! 

Normally folks go to the hassle of getting costly exhaust systems, but you beat the system, said “screw the man” and just unhooked your stock exhaust! How resourceful! 

As you’re driving by, often late at night, you obviously are trying to get the attention of someone. 

With the speed limit so low and stop signs every block, the massive acceleration revs you’re putting out are obviously not for utility, so who exactly are you looking for? 

I might know them and can point you in the right direction! 

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of you riding together so maybe you’re looking for each other? 

A bit of an auditory Marco Polo!? 

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other men who are interested in outwardly displays of masculinity! 

Freo is known to be very progressive and understanding of alternative lifestyles, no shame here! 

I ask all of this because it must be difficult trying to achieve whatever it is you’re trying to achieve when quite literally everyone outside of your vehicle would rather your head gasket split in half and your transmission fall out the back of your pride and passion every time you rev it up.

I can’t imagine how hard it is to try so hard for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in the face of such public ire, when literally everyone can’t stand what you’re doing. 

Takes a lot of determination! So again, I ask, what is it you’re looking for? 

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? 

We’re pretty helpful down here, maybe it’s something I could help with using my new hammer?

Let me know!

Frank Franklin

Beggars be-leaf

WHY in a city that is adorned with wonderful heritage buildings, expressive sculptures and artworks does the council allow a display of ugly looking plastic plants outside the Fremantle Markets, along the famous Cappuccino Strip.

It is one of the most hideous displays of fake landscaping I have ever seen. 

Surely in promoting Fremantle as a great holiday destination something a bit better could be done for people to see. 

Or maybe I’ve missed the whole point. 

Does the tourist bureau say to the world, come to Fremantle and see a display of ugly plastic plants (not native to WA) that you can buy in a two-dollar shop?

David Robinson

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