Jetty collapses

THE safety of the Blue HQ Boat Lifters facility in Fishing Boat Harbour has been questioned after a jetty reportedly collapsed on Monday, sending a forklift and its driver crashing into the water below.

The Herald’s source said an expensive Halverson boat was severely damaged when the forklift fell on it, but the driver luckily escaped without injury.

When the Chook rang Blue HQ on Tuesday, the only comment was a very curt: 

“There will be no comment to be made, thank you,” before the line went dead.

We didn’t hear back from the Department of Transport which controls that side of the railway line, and while Worksafe hadn’t been notified because there was no major injury, a spokesperson said after being alerted by the Herald it had been “passed along to the directors of the inspectorates”.

A number of jetties in Fishing Boat Harbour have had to be overhauled over the last couple of years after an audit found they were in poor condition and hadn’t been upgraded since their pre-America’s Cup construction.

The Bennett family owns the site and has plans to convert it into an entertainment and residential complex.

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