Letters 5.3.22

Pass… fail

HIGH time indeed … to make underpass and surrounds safe Reading last week’s 

Herald I saw that government representatives and road construction workers were celebrating the completion of the High Street Upgrade (“High time,” February 26, 2022).

A section of this work includes the underpass that the happy group marking the completion of this work were standing in. This underpass connects the two sides of Forrest Street. 

My son and his family live close by on the eastern side of the Forrest Street underpass. 

When I recently visited the entry to the underpass on this eastern side I was horrified at the steep gradient and shortness of the treads of the steps, compared to the western side. 

There was a handrail only on one side. 

The complex junction of gradients and surface finishes in this area both up at the Forrest Street level and down where there is a pathway/cycleway intersection looked poorly designed and really dangerous. 

There were level changes that just butted up against each other. 

Was this Main Roads WA poor design or poor construction or both? 

I was horrified to hear that there was a bad accident at this site last week – a female cyclist hit this ‘uneven kerb’ and ended up in hospital with teeth missing and a bad head wound. 

This really needs to be addressed. When will a safety audit be done on this site?

Andra Kins

I own a dog!

IT is surprising that the Herald printed the incorrect rambles attacking my previous letter to the editor without giving the name and address of the person. 

In my opinion, only cowards attack another person and then wish to remain anonymous.

Stand up and be counted!

At least I left my name and address when I wrote on behalf of protecting the wildlife of this special Melville foreshore. 

In the past, I have previously witnessed a black swan being savagely mauled by a very large dog (sickening as swans mate for life). I have always been consistent in protecting wildlife against any intrusions into the Alfred Cove Nature Reserve and the Attadale Marine Conservation Park, such as the wave park, windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing, fishing and dog intrusions.

Be content that you appreciate the dog area on Burke Drive and the nearby dog beach – if you are a local you should appreciate that there would be great traffic problems for the nearby residents and users of the Bicton Baths area.

Pam Neesham


PAM NEESHAM in her letter published in the Herald on February 19 gave her views about a proposed dog swim location on the Bicton foreshore.

In the Herald on February 26 a person responded with a few swipes at Pam’s views. 

Would you please advise why the person’s name and address was withheld by the Herald?

Jennifer Christenson
The Ed says:
The letter was submitted on behalf of a number of people, several who own small businesses in the area and were concerned that any blowback could impact them in what are already difficult trading times.

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