Out of the box

Wright was sporting a black eye but a huge smile as he was able to show off his new belt to his proud family.

HE did it; Yangebup boxer Hayden Wright has pulled off a George Foreman-like comeback to snap a 14-bout losing street and pick up an unexpected belt along the way.

The H-Bomb, as he’s known, is now the South Queensland Heavyweight champion after taking the points against former grade footballer Gerico Cecil at Surfers Paradise.

Apart from bragging rights, Wright has found he’s now a man in demand, with eight other boxers offering to meet him in the ring for a crack at his belt.

“They see the win on the books and that I’m having a bit of a comeback,” Wright told the Herald.

The extra interest has put his planned retirement from professional boxing on ice for now, and Wright says his most unexpected backer is his wife. After 14 losses on the trot she’d been rolling her eyes before each bout, but a belt has helped win her over.

Wright’s win was all the more remarkable because he injured his back a fortnight before the bout and was unable to spar.

The enforced lay-off caught up with him in the first round and he says he almost didn’t make the bell.

Gericho had trimmed up since his last fight and was looking a lot fitter, but Wright said he dug deep and fought back with a series of body shots.

 That helped earned him the decision at the end of Round 4.

Wright has vowed to plough his winnings back into a gym for his non-profit Yangebup Community Boxing Club, which is currently operating out of his home but needing more room.


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