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I HAD almost given up on takeaways.

Food arriving cold or late, small portions, high prices, delivery charges and those dreaded plastic spoons.

Thank goodness for Peko Peko in Attadale, which restored my faith in the takeaway and proved you can get healthy, good quality food delivered at a reasonable price.

The eatery specialises in Asian-inspired cuisine – sushi, rice paper rolls, salads, soups, noodles and desserts.

Their fully trained chefs prepare all the dishes on-site using the freshest ingredients to create “both healthy and delicious” food.

We’ve read it all before on countless websites, so did they actually deliver on their spiel?

Peko Peko’s takeaway menu was compact and concise with a small range of sushi, soups, rice paper rolls, salads, teriyaki meals and gyoza dumplings.

With the weather cooling down a bit at night, I decided to go for the Moroccan lentil miso (medium $10).

I’ve had plenty of spicy Moroccan soups in my time, but this variant, which uses miso paste as a base and is made from scratch, was one of the best yet – thick, brimming with flavour and teeming with lentils.

The ace in the hole – the miso paste – give the broth an exotic twist, but it wasn’t overpowering and all the flavours were perfectly balanced.

I got the medium and it easily filled up a large soul bowl and was hearty as well as delicious.

Across the table my wife was tucking into her teriyaki beef bowl ($19.50)

I can back up Peko’s claim they use the freshest ingredients as the medley of seasonal vegetables in the dish were glistening and had that appearance of just being wok-tossed.

“Absolutely delicious – the beef is high quality and the sauce is spot on; well balanced and not sickly or too salty. In fact it’s quite a subtle sauce for a teriyaki,” she noted.

“The steamed turmeric rice is a great touch and really adds another flavour dimension.

“It all tastes incredibly healthy and there’s plenty of it.”

The kids shared a chicken teriyaki bowl ($19.50) and it went down a storm too.

I had a taste of the free range chook and it was high quality with soft flesh and slightly crispy skin. Another success.

I was full after my soup but we got a salad on the side with vermicelli rice noodles, sesame oil, sautéed vegetables, crushed cashews and fresh mint ($12).

Again there was plenty, and it was incredibly fresh and well prepared, but the star was the orange, carrot and ginger dressing.

Peko are known for their delicious dressings made from scratch and this bad boy didn’t disappoint – a thickish dressing that had a citrus zing and a light spiciness from the ginger and sweetness from the carrot. Divine.

Peko Peko also do a range of gourmet dinner packs you can heat up at home including Japanese vegetable curry, Korean sesame beef noodle and Thai green chicken curry.

A thoroughly enjoyable and healthy Asian takeaway that ticked all the boxes.

Peko Peko
Attadale 24 Hislop Rd, Attadale

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