Sandgropers’ Covid Theatre

DR GLEN B LEGGE heralds from a scientific and medical background, with a PhD from Cambridge University and MBBS from Notre Dame University, Fremantle. He has a deep understanding of proteins and immunology from both a scientific and medical perspective – his first PhD student went to work in the laboratory of professor Timothy Springer, co-founder of Moderna and now the world’s 176th richest individual. He says sometimes you need something other than straight facts to catch people’s attentions.

Our borders are finally open

700 days and we welcome back the world

But some things have changed

Our new visitors must be told

You think that Covid is over

No for us it’s just begun

We are ‘staying safe’ forever

So, you must join the fun

First you must vax and vax and vax

Now with SafeWA sign in

Get out your ServiceWA

A passport before the fun begins

Remember the rules

The bar is dangerous

The server you just can’t trust

Be sure you to wear your mask

But the table is fine

It’s Covid free

So, show your face

For all to see

Half capacity venues only

And we must keep out the unclean

The unvaxed

The Othered must not be seen

You are the good

You have done what was asked

Hoarded the toilet paper

And double masked

Don’t forget the children

Helping save Grandma our 1st task

Total lockdowns are over

So the children must be masked

Mandates – For the Greater Good

The closed Borders are now gone

But Safety and security replace

Our freedoms that were hard won

Despite all this Covid theatre

A superspreader event has begun

Omicron has escaped

Vaxed and unvaxed infected as one

Every death a tragedy

Every business closed a loss

The mental health, and secondary costs

They couldn’t give a toss!

Covid is here, so feed the fear

No matter what the cost

They take our liberties and 


and without that, we are lost!

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