A little bridge drama

THE rain-delayed launch of the Fremantle Society’s short film Tall Timber is back on again tomorrow (Sunday May 1).

The volunteer-made film is a last-ditch bid to preserve the Fremantle Traffic Bridge, which is due to be demolished by Main Roads WA and replaced with a more concrety version.

Tall Timber reimagines the old wooden bridge as a pedestrian-only public space and highlights its heritage significance – it’s listed as having “exceptional significance” on the state’s heritage register.

The launch will have a little dramatic flair, with local soprano Fiona Cooper Smyth (pictured) from Divalicious performing Puccini’s famous pleading aria O Mio Babbino Caro, in which a doe-eyed lover threatens to leap from Florence’s famous wooden bridge the Ponte Vecchio if her father doesn’t grant her permission to marry her beau.

The launch of Tall Timber is 5.30pm tomorrow (Sunday May 1) on the grassed area of N Worrall Park, at the bridge’s southern end.

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