Twende trending for young rapper

Muranji’s new EP is a map and a clarion call for his future. Photo by Olivia Declerck

BUDDING rap and contemporary hip-hop artist Muranji has released a new EP aimed at taking his musical career to the next level.

The collection of four songs is named Twende, which translates to ‘let’s go’ in Muranji’s first language Swahili – a reference to his lofty ambitions.

“The cover art for the EP is a map if you look closely,” he says. “It’s meant to be a representation, not a specific single place, and it means let’s go to all these different places.”

Muranji says Twende showcases his musical versatility and ability to work across a range of sub-genres within rap and hip-hop.

“Twende shares my experimental tracks branching over different genres and styles,” he says. “Anything that comes to mind or inspires me is what I’m going with. I can’t stick to one rigid sub-genre of music at the end of the day. I don’t think I’m meant to.”

Muranji’s EP kicks off with the experimental song Do Dat featuring fellow Perth artist Kufre.

“It was an experiment with a new kind of beat and a new kind of flow,” Muranji says. “It’s supposed to be fun and light-hearted. This was the first track I decided not to think too much about what we were saying and instead just have fun with the beat.”

The second track Bombay Luv experiments with blending genres and creating a complex soundscape.

“Bombay Luv taps into Afrobeat fused with hip-hop and rap,” Muranji says. “It’s a work colleague. She used to tell me how much she’d argue with her boyfriend and that they didn’t get to see each other a lot. 

“I think the story is relatable.” Muranji says he spent time playing with different sounds and techniques and used this project to fine tune his skills. 

“It’s really about putting in the work,” he says. “The talent alone isn’t what’s going to help you to get where you want to be.”

Muranji admits he has been hesitant and uncertain with his music career in the past, even taking to Instagram, saying, “Thank you for letting me grow at my own pace, still in progress, but damn what a journey so far.”

The third track in Twende is called Wasiwasi, which translates to ‘doubt’ in Swahili.

“I had a lot of doubt and eventually I’ve realised, ‘hey you know what, I am actually good at [making music]’.”

Twende ends with Tapped In, a song Muranji describes as; “an essence of trippy but still hip-hop. I wanted this song to sound dreamy, outer space and ethereal.” 

Muranji mixed and mastered all four songs himself and says there must be a balance of perfectionism and acceptance when making music.

“My key word for this year is stamina. I’m going to keep traction, post lyrical videos, one or two music videos and then another surprise is coming after that,” he says.

Muranji is promoting the EP through open mic nights around the city in the coming weeks. For info follow his Instagram account @muranji.Muranji

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