Vape store clients mature

Raymond Kelman says Wet Wicks doesn’t see a lot of youngsters, and always checks IDs.

WET WICKS vaping store sales employee Raymond Kelman says they don’t see a lot of youngsters trying to get into vaping, saying it’s mostly being picked up by an older generation. 

Wet Wicks was established in 2018, selling reusable vaping products and accessories such as ‘rebuildables’, tanks, coils, and pods. 

Mr Kelman told the Voice they stock “350 different juice flavours” including Fiji apple, gummy bears, custard strawberry and dragon blood. The “fruiter juices” are the most popular. 

“The average age of people that come in range from 25-40 years old,” Mr Kelman said, adding he was sometimes surprised by the number of over-60s who walk in. 

Australian laws states people must be over 18 years old to use or buy vaping products. Mr Kelman says he always checks IDs as “fines and other harsh punishments” are in place for those caught peddling vapes to kids. 

Since October 1, 2021 it has also been illegal  to purchase vaping products that contain nicotine without a prescription. Wet Wicks sells “nothing with nicotine,” Mr Kelman says. 

He doesn’t see a problem with vapes, having known people “who have vaped for over 10 years” with no ill-effects. However, he says he 

“doesn’t like the disposable vapes” as he believes they are “bad for the environment” and contain too much nicotine.

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