Voters off majors

DISILLUSIONMENT with the major parties could see a protest vote that’ll give minor parties a more prominent role in Fremantle, says a political analyst.

Notre Dame University politics lecturer James Baldino said the shift away from “both major parties came from a frustration that both were are out of touch with the needs of ordinary Australians.

“At the heart of many voter concerns and particular relevant for a Fremantle community 

is it’s always had a strong green sympathy and current governments mugging when it comes to zero emissions by 2050,” Mr Baldino said.

“Voters now are beginning show an impatience with bad governors and are very happy to try something alternative if the status quo is not working.”

Polls have shown minor parties increasing their vote by almost 4 per cent across the nation from the 2019 election, though that data is often so volatile it’s hard to rely on.

Still, newspapers are increasingly asking whether Australia will end up with a hung parliament and how independents might shape it.


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