Letters 16.7.22


THE stance taken by David Weber in his letter Meoutrage (Herald letters, July 2, 2022) is disappointing. 

How many times have I heard cat owners say “oh, no, my cat doesn’t kill native fauna”? 

Can these individuals support these claims with evidence? Are these cats watched day and night? 

I suspect not given there is overwhelming evidence indicating otherwise. 

Cats have had a catastrophic effect on native Australian fauna and, in recognition of this, ‘predation by feral cats’ is listed as a key threatening process under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

One could try and argue there is a difference between domestic cats and feral cats but their underlying nature is the same; they are predators. 

Domestic cats still roam and enter the important native bushland remnants remaining in our suburbs.

The other day while walking in Piney Lakes I was able to show my young son a woylie bounding away in the native bushland. 

Sights such as these are rare and always bring a smile to my face. 

I think it’s a wonder they continue to survive given I have spotted cats in the same bushland and am grateful some individuals have been able to hang on.

Woylies used to be abundant across their distribution in south-western WA but their population crashed in the early 2000s, declining by over 90 per cent.

What’s more is that research indicated that in areas subject to fox management up to 65 per cent of woylie mortalities were caused by feral cat predation. 

These are shocking statistics. 

So, I ask cat owners, please show me the evidence that your cat is an exception and does not predate on native fauna or only selectively kills other pest species (rats).

I fully support measures such as those taken by the City of Fremantle and wish to see other local councils follow suit so I can continue to share my joy of seeing native wildlife in the suburbs with my son.

Kerryn McDonald

More spice!

I NOTE that the proposed development on the old Spicer’s site inflicts yet another pedestrian and boring building on the City of Fremantle.

Modern architects appear to have no interest in elegance or grace when it comes to design. 

Just another Lego block building with the addition of a few bits of greenery, would that there were architects who actually cared about enhancing the look of the city.

Geoff Dunstone

Purrfectly safe

FOLLOWING David Weber’s letter (“Meoutrage,” Herald, July 2, 2022), I have a female Burmese cat who is attracted to young children, and many of our youngest residents have enjoyed hours of interaction on the footpath with Kucing.

The thought that in future some heavy-handed ranger will snatch her off the footpath for just being there I find very troubling.

Incidentally I am a wild bird enthusiast and feed and water hundreds of local birds and house an owl, without conflict.

I understand that feral cats are devastating native fauna in the bush, but habitat loss, pesticides, smoke and diesel particulate eliminate more birds than cats in the city.

John Showell
North Fremantle

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