Ceiling collapses

Most debris fell where workers stand and customers queue.

THE Fremantle Post Office was closed this week after a large section of the ceiling collapsed during a fierce storm early in the hours of Wednesday morning.

Fortunately the damage occurred overnight, as huge metal frames fell across the counters where staff operate during the day and where customers queue to be served.

When the Chook checked it out on Wednesday, the building had been sealed off and a contractor was putting up signs warning people of the danger and directing them to nearby post services. He said everyone was breathing a sigh of relief that no one got hurt.

A spokesperson for Australia Post told the Herald on Thursday afternoon they were still assessing the damage to determine how long the Post Office would remain closed, but hoped to have a better idea over the next couple of days.

He said people with post office boxes or those expecting packages would be redirected to pick up the mail from other nearby centres.

The storm battered the coast, with a triple front taking out power lines and uprooting trees. Melville waters recorded wind gusts of 91kmh.

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